Premier Sports & Spinal Medicine specialise in clinical pilates in Melbourne.

We are Melbourne's largest Clinical Pilates centre offering our clients an exceptional pilates experience at our large, purpose built studios. Over 400 clients attend our centres every week. With over 80 classes each week you can be assured you will find a suitable class time, and with our online booking system, you can simply pick and choose the classes you want to attend on a week to week basis.

New in 2015, we are now expanding our range of pilates that we offer.  In addition to our huge number of Clinical Pilates classes, we are now offering Studio Pilates and Reformer/Fitness Pilates (see below for an explanation of the differences).

4 Steps to finding the best Pilates Studio in Melbourne

1. Check out the unbiased reviews online Reviews_by_listen360_large


2. Choose the type of pilates that you would like to do


3. Choose your introductory offer and save 50%


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4. Call our reception team to get started on 9484 5712

All 1-1 sessions with osteopaths and physiotherapists may be claimed under extras of your Private Health Insurance (depending on your type of cover).

Why Choose Melbourne's Premier Pilates?

We have two purpose built studios in Melbourne's inner north dedicated to Pilates. Our team consists of Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Pilates Instructors with advanced qualifications in injury management and pre/post natal rehabilitation. Our aim is for our clients to be injury and pain free, achieve higher levels of functional fitness and to increase their fitness.

We offer three different types of Pilates.


Clinical Pilates has evolved from traditional pilates to become the most effective tool in combating chronic (long term) or recurrent injuries especially back pain (but also neck, shoulder, upper back, lower back, hip groin and knee pain/injury).  It is a specialist form of pilates that has been scientifically proven as being the most effective treatment for chronic back pain.

Our Clinical Pilates program is designed to specifically identify and treat the causes of chronic neck and back pain.  It is run by our experienced physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists who have extensive post graduate training in chronic and complex spinal conditions and in clinical pilates.  Each instructor has undergone hundreds of hours of advanced pilates training both in house and with many of the pilates teaching schools.

Clinical Pilates is not just another form of exercise.  It is a complete system of assessment, diagnosis and treatment that is individually tailored to your condition - which guarantees results.  Even the Victorian Governement (via its Better Health Portal) recognises that pilates is effective in improving posture and strength, and should be undertaken by qualified instructors such as an exercise physiologist, physiotherapist or qualified pilates instructor

During an initial assessment, your osteopath, exercise physiologist, or physiotherapist will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your body to determine the origin of your injury or pain. Based on this they will write a program designed to eliminate the cause of your problem.

No-body knows your body better than us.

To get started, please call 94845712 to discuss your particular requirements and book your comprehensive assessment.

Conditions that Clinical Pilates can help with

  • Back & Neck Pain, Whiplash
  • Headaches & Migraine
  • Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Shoulder Injuries, Shoulder Rehabilitation (post surgery or to avoid surgery)
  • Hip & Groin Injury/Pain
  • Recurrent or Chronic Knee Injuries (post surgery or to avoid surgery)
  • Sports performance
  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • Private Health Insurance Rebates

You may claim your initial assessment by your osteopath, exercise physiologist or physiotherapist from your private health insurer under extras cover.  Classes may attract a rebate from your health fund under physio or exercise physiology for clinical pilates.  Studio and reformer pilates may attract a rebate subject to your health fund's rules which may vary according to your insurer and insurance package; please refer to your health fund's T&C's.  We will provide receipts for claiming purposes after every class (unfortunately, on the spot claiming for classes is not available)


Studio pilates, or small group pilates classes, are the ideal way to learn pilates to improve the strength and flexibility of your body.  Suited for pilates students of any level, our studio classes are run by highly qualified and experienced pilates instructors while class sizes are  kept small to ensure maximum contact with the instructor at all times. Pilates teaches your body to work efficiently and with ease - so close attention to technique is vital.  Studio Pilates utilises state of the art pilates equipment that is especially designed to maximise the results of your program.  Our newly renovated studio has 10 reformers, 2 trapezes, Wunda Chairs, a spine corrector, hand weights, foam rollers, theraband, fitness circles... and much more. Your workouts will include plenty of variety, and limitless options for customisation to your individual needs and goals.


The Pre/Post Natal Pilates are specifically tailored for mums of all stages (and mums to be).  The classes help to improve general fitness and strengthen muscle groups affected by pregnancy, such as the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.  It will help improve flexibility & posture, reduce weight and regain your pre-pregnancy body.  Pilates is the smarter way to exercise - giving you superior results in less time compared to other exercise.  Take advantage of the half price assessment now and begin the exciting journey to your newbody.  All pre & post natal clients are cared for in all of our Clinical & Studio Pilates classes by trained instructors.

To get started, please call 9481 7794 to discuss your particular requirements and book your comprehensive assessment.


(only at Level 1/ 319 StGeorges Rd Fitzroy North)

This is a group class designed to give you a full body workout.  Combining the principles of pilates into a dynamic & intense workout that will shape and define your core.  Ideal if you have no injuries and want to do pilates to further strengthen your entire body.  All our reformers are fully adjustable to suit your body strength and flexibility.  All clients will undergo a free induction before your first class to ensure your safety.  This group class is limited to 8 participants so you still get detailed attention by expert pilates instructors.  It's a great workout, that leaves you feeling leaner, stronger and taller.

We offer 2 levels of reformer pilates and clients new to pilates should do 10 level 1 classes before progressing to level 2.  Level 1 teaches you the fundamentals of safe and effective pilates practice, while level 2 builds on this and challenges your body in even more ways for maximum effect.  

To begin Clinical, Studio or Pre/Post Natal Pilates, you must have an initial assessment with our Pilates Instructor or Physiotherapist as all pilates programs are carefully crafted to ensure that your particular goals are reached (reformer classes are more general in nature and do not require an assessment and may be booked online).  Most of our clients prefer to speak to our receptionists to discuss their particular interest in Pilates.  Don't hesitate to call our clinic on 9481 7794.

How to get started with Pilates at Premier

To get started call 9481 7794 and book you Introductory Special - a saving of $170.  The introductory package has everything you need to experience Premier Pilates including a detailed personalised pilates program and 2 pilates classes.

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