We started with humble beginnings – a single Osteopath working from Fitzroy North with a vision to bring together the best in healthcare all under one roof.

Skip forward 10 years and we have created a unique integrated system of healthcare which has a team of over 50 health care experts working together to deliver healthcare excellence, which has allowed us to grow to be the leading health provider in Melbourne’s inner northern suburbs.

We know that our integrated model of health care works best for patients.  Over the next decade, we plan to continue our ambitious vision to have it as the standard model of allied health care where osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and all allied health practitioners work together under one roof to deliver excellence to patients.

Our Vision

Premier Sports & Spinal Medicine objective is to provide quality health management through the provision of an integrated approach to health care. The ranges of allied services available complement each other and create opportunities for exceptional continuity of care. We aim to not only help people overcome pain and injury but to help our clients lead fulfilling lives through the pursuit of optimal health and wellbeing.

Why choose Premier Sports & Spinal Medicine?

1) Pain and injury experts

We have a team of trained and qualified practitioners consisting of Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Clinical Pilates Trainers, Podiatrists, Exercise Physiologists, Masseurs and Myotherapists.

2) Experience and expertise

We have successfully treated thousands of people with a range of conditions. Our clinics see over 800 clients every week pass through the doors. Our reputation is built on successfully treating complex pain and difficult cases.

3) Clear and open communication

We allow for extra time on your first visit to thoroughly assess your situation. We know different people have different health objectives and we will work with you to achieve these outcomes. Your diagnosis and treatment options will be discussed with ample opportunities to ask questions.

4) Long term relief

We know that to get the best results, we must fix the underlying cause of your problem, not just treat the symptoms. Our final goal is to achieve long term relief so you won’t have to keep coming back.

5) Self-help strategies

We give you the knowledge and support you to properly manage your condition and achieve long term relief. We know that prevention is better than cure.

6) Latest technology

Our clinic utilises a “hands-on” approach to treatment, using proven techniques as well as the latest diagnostic and treatment technology to speed up your recovery. We continuously research new technology and therapy so as to always provide the most effective solutions to your injury.  We have Hi-Tech testing to help us pinpoint where your injury is coming from that is normally only available in research institutions.

7) Convenience

We are open late Monday to Friday and on weekends, and we endeavour to get you a same-day appointment. Ample parking and public transport links.

8) Our guarantee to fulfill exceptional patient care

We guarantee to take the time to listen and perform a thorough examination to accurately diagnose your condition. We will discuss your objectives and the best course of treatment for you and closely monitor your progress to achieve your health goals. Our team is committed to getting you back to living life as quickly as possible.