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Let’s break down some stigma and top tips for exercising with a big bust!

Are big boobs getting in the way of you enjoying exercising and or exercising the way you want to? 

If you answered YES then keep reading as we are here to break the stigma on busty boob owners not feeling confident when exercising! 

Having big breasts should not be keeping you on the sidelines or hold you back in any way!

Supportive Bras as Your Workout Allies

One of the most common concerns we hear from patients is the challenge of finding the right support. The key to efficient exercise with a larger bust lies in wearing a bra that provides ample support without sacrificing movement.

So what is the best kind of bra you ask?

Well, this all depends. The best way to ensure we have the correct amount of support is to double up! 

Our best recommendation is to find an encapsulating sports bra. Encapsulating bras are designed to support each breast separately and ensure full coverage and comfort. As each breast is supported individually the specific design of the encapsulating bra does limit the overall “bounce” when exercising which will protect the all-important Cooper’s ligaments, which attach the breast tissue to the surrounding pectoral muscle… this is imperative to have these ligaments intact and supported to endure the breasts stay lifted and supported over time. 

You can further add a crop over if needed to ensure that you are getting maximum support. Things to consider are your strap orientation e.g they should go in different directions. 

Wacoal Underwire Sports Bra is a personal favorite as it still has an underwire that gives you that security that many women need. Its breathable material allows for that moisture protection. Its wide straps are also a key point as it does NOT dig into the shoulders as I have found so many other “sports bras” do. 

But feel free to shop around/ try things on- this was the only way I was able to find the right one! 

Building the Right Muscles

Now when we think of exercise the sky’s the limit! 

With every exercise, there can be adjustments, and moderations made to ensure the exercise is right for you! One of the key issues, when you have a big bust, is ensuring you build the correct supporting muscles. Weak posterior or postural muscles can lead to the shoulders being pulled forward and the weight of the breast as well, thus ensuring you build a strong back and core is key to keeping yourself pain-free. Strength training is always a great choice as this will still get your heart racing whilst working out all those major muscle groups. 

Exercises like rowing are a fantastic choice as this strengthens those all important back muscles which keep our posture nice and straight. When we have a larger bust it generally pulls us forward because of the weight so it’s imperative that we build those back muscles to keep us nice and strong. Things like resistance band rows/ cable rows and free weighted rows are fantastic ways to build overall back strength.

Now your instructors should always be able to modify certain exercises for you if they are too uncomfortable or cause you any pain. For example, I personally find lying face down quite painful and I imagine many other women do too, so asking your instructor to adjust an exercise should not be a problem at all! 

You may want to start with Low-intensity steady state (LISS) cardio and then build into a HIIT style of training. 

LISS is always another favorite as it does limit the “bounce”. Things like treadmill walking/ incline walking, and bike riding are great ways to incorporate cardio without too much pressure. 

Once you feel comfortable and have the right/ correct support going into a HIIT style of training as it’s quick, effective, and keeps the heart rate going. 

So what are our takeaways…

Having big breasts does NOT and should NOT stop you from moving or exercising any way you would like. Ensure you have found the correct/ supportive bra, and choose a style of exercise that suits you and if you are still unsure book in with one of our friendly practitioners to help get you reach all your goals! 

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