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What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is based around four core principles.

1. The body is a unit

The body should be looked at as a whole and not broken down into individual
sections because everything is connected. No joint or muscle works in isolation, it is
part of a whole.

2. The body has self-healing and self-regulatory mechanisms

The body has the inherent ability to […]

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The 100’s test: The ultimate test for runners to run PAIN-FREE

The 100’s test is a common test used to assess runners’ strength and endurance in order to gauge their risk of injury.
The test is comprised of 4 exercises which are performed to fatigue on each side, with the aim to perform more than 100 reps in total across these 4 exercises. The 4 exercises are […]

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The 4 causes of knee pain in runners.

Attention: Runners with knee pain!!
The 4 causes of knee pain in runners that has nothing to do with your knee AND what to do about it!

If you’re an avid runner and you’re suffering from knee pain this is an important article that could make the world of difference to YOU!

Knee pain is the most common running […]

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Find out which type of Pilates is best for you!

So you’ve heard that Pilates is amazing for your body.  Celebrities everywhere have been doing it for years, and nearly every professional sports teams do some sort of pilates.

You’ve probably heard success stories where people eliminate aches and pains in their body; especially back, neck, or shoulder pain, or even just getting their body […]

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Top 5 mistakes made by beginner and intermediate runners!

Congratulations, you’ve decided to start running to get fit now the warmer weather is here. Running is a great choice, it’s free and provides awesome health and fitness benefits.

However, the majority of running injuries occur in inexperienced runners that are within the first 6 weeks of their training program, especially if they have had previous […]

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Turns out we have been treating back pain all wrong!

Which is why many people don’t fully recover and end up with a “bad back” for life.

Back pain is a national and international epidemic.  An estimated one billion people across the globe suffer with it every day. In fact, chronic back pain has become the number two reason people seek medical care and is the […]

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5 hot tips to stop neck and shoulder pain FAST!

If you suffer from neck or shoulder pain then this article is a must-read.
You will learn

Why correct desk set-up is essential to stop neck and shoulder pain at work
How one simple hack can fix your posture
Why movement is essential
3 ways to strengthen the neck so it doesn’t hurt
What to […]

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Posture – What is it good for? Absolutely everything!

“Sit up straight!” “Don’t slouch!”

Ah don’t those words sound familiar. Well, your mother was right when she said these phrases over and over again and don’t seem to have been paying attention.

Having good posture is important for the health of every part of our body including our lower back, […]

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Hamstring strains ruining your football career?

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Dr Beth Yule’s story : Daily migraines

How the Watson Headache ® Approach changed my life

Stop me if any of this sounds familiar:

You have suffered for years with headaches or migraines

You’ve had many rounds of manual therapy (e.g.physiotherapy) with little benefit or no lasting results,

You’ve had scans that have shown nothing to indicate the cause of your pain

Panadol and ibuprofen […]

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