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9 ways to easily and consistently start incorporating exercise into your routine.

There are many misconceptions about exercise not being fun or that people don’t have the time to spare for a few minutes of walking but in this blog I will share with you some tips on how to introduce, maintain or increase your level of exercise participation. 

It can be daunting or even exhausting thinking about exercise on some days, but going for a walk alone has many health benefits; increased cardiovascular fitness, improved management of joint and muscular pain/stiffness, stronger bones and improved balance and increased muscle strength and endurance. 

Do something that you enjoy!

Find an exercise form that works for you and that puts a smile on your face and gets you excited for the next session. I.e. walking, swimming, running, cycling, skipping, boxing, pilates, gym, pump classes or dancing in the kitchen!

Do it for yourself!

It is for you, not for your dog, your partner or your neighbor, but for you. You have a goal to achieve and whether you’ve put it aside or are still wondering, it is time to kick start that journey.


Not only the gym!

Mother nature is your playground, i.e. trails, hikes, the ocean, parks are not only for kids, tracks and the pools. There are an abundance of places to go and be in. Just find what calls out to you the most, but do not burden yourself with the commute, unless that’s something you enjoy. Find something close by that you can get to by walking, cycling or running, who knows you might enjoy the commute more than the destination. From lockdown like many of us here at Premier the staff have found so many local gems! Check out some of our favourite inner city walking and or running tracks HERE!

The journey over the destination!

Exercise is a lifelong journey, and like life you’re going to have ups and downs. Don’t focus so much on the end goal or destination take each day and ‘workout’ as it comes. Be kind and forgiving to yourself and try again the next day. One bad or missed ‘workout’ won’t define your end destination.

It’s quality time for you!

The busy streets and stressors of the world can overwhelm us. Our schedules get flooded with plans and events, yet none is put aside for ourselves. It is vital that we prioritise ourselves to relax and to slow down. Exercise has many benefits for mental wellbeing and can help with clearing your mind and body. As well as of course the many other health benefits exercise itself has.

Prioritise it!

Like your weekly Saturday coffee at your local coffee shop, it is important that exercise is planned and prioritised in your schedule. It’ll make it easier to accomplish if you have dedicated time towards it or even a class that’s already booked in or paid for. Accountability is your best friend and having someone making you accountable is the of the easiest ways to do. Make a weekly walking or yoga class date with your friend, not only will you be held accountable to go, but it makes it fun!

Progression not perfection!

It’s not about how perfectly you complete the exercise or ‘workout’, it’s about how consistent you are. 

Don’t let anyone put you off!

What others experience won’t be what you experience, what works for you, might not work for others and vise versa. Don’t let others’ fears or perspectives, scare you or demotivate you. If you have genuine concern, talk to a practitioner and we will be able to help you in any way we can. 

Something is always better than nothing!

We all have our days, when we want to challenge the world and others where we want to be a couch potato. But something, anything is better than nothing, a walk, a skip, a light run or cycle, even if it’s to the grocery store to get some snacks to join you on the couch. Something is always better than nothing.

These simple tips, when implemented into your lifestyle, can drastically change your views on exercise and can help you make that final step, to a healthier and happier you.

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