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4 things to look for when choosing a local osteopath near you!

4 things to look for when choosing a local osteopath near you!

Choosing the right local osteopath can be difficult. There are so many factors to consider – location, price, experience, expertise and more. But don’t worry! We’re here to help you find your perfect match with this list of 5 things to look for when choosing a local Brunswick osteopath. 

A good reputation 

You should check google reviews and other review websites to find out what other patients are saying about the clinic you are looking at. This way you can see if the clinic has a good reputation or not. You can see the reviews by searching for the best Brunswick osteopath.  

Expertise in the field of your injury or condition

Osteopaths are a bit like general practitioners in that they are trained to help with most things such as back pain, neck pain and other muscle and joint pains and injuries, however, some will have developed a special interest in particular injuries (headache and migraine) or demographics (pregnant women, kids). 

This is an excellent way to make sure that you are going to the right person for your condition.

If they have an interest in something specific, then it’s probably because they’re very experienced and knowledgeable about this particular issue and would probably be a better choice for a more complicated problem. 

Be aware, though, if they list that they have a particular interest in 20 different conditions, chances are they are not an expert in every one of those conditions.

For example, some clinics are geared more to athletes and sportspeople, and others are geared more to families and kids. Checking out their bio will give you a good idea of their interests and if you are suited to their approach. Going to an osteopath who treats mainly kids would not be the best approach if you are a powerlifter. Today many practitioners have a niche practice that might be suited to you.

Reviews from other patients.

Hearing what other patients have to say about their osteopath is probably the best way to find out what to expect before you start treatment. Some clinics will have their reviews on display and it’s always worth taking a look at them., but if they don’t, then be sure to ask your potential osteopath for some references from patients that are more similar in age or needs as yourself.

People who post these online can sometimes be found on google reviews, which is the easiest place to find out if your osteopath has a good reputation or not.

Some people might also be able to refer you for a personal recommendation, and sometimes it’s worth asking your friends and family too, even if they have no experience with osteopathy at all.


Cost is always at the forefront of everyone’s mind, but you also have to consider value for money. As with any service, some are going to be more expensive than others and you will need to think about whether it’s worth spending the extra dollars or not, especially if you have no idea what difference there is between one osteopath before another. 

 Seeing an experienced osteopath with expertise in your condition may cost more upfront but will save you more in the long run. Saving $10 or $20 per appointment may seem like a good deal but if you do not get the result that you are after or it takes more time/appointments then it will cost you more in the long run. Often osteopaths who charge more have more experience and advanced training and or qualifications which means that you are more likely to get a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. 

Also, an important consideration is that the osteopath gives you a plan for your recovery back to full health. You want to be in the hands of someone who is qualified and experienced, not just a quick fix as this can be more costly in the long run.  

Make sure that you follow the osteopath recommendations as they will always have your best interests at the forefront of their mind – they know that often people need rehabilitation to prevent their condition from coming back. Often patients stop doing their rehab once the pain is gone, which means that the problem has not been fully resolved and is likely to return and cost more money for additional treatment.

I hope you found this blog helpful in choosing a local Brunswick osteopath. It can be difficult to know what you should look for, but we’ve provided some helpful hints. Now that you have the knowledge and confidence go forth and find your perfect match!

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