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5 things you’ve been doing wrong for your headaches/migraines

Have you been suffering for years from headaches/migraines and tried everything under the sun to try to help them?

Here are the 5 common mistakes that people make when trying to treat their headaches and migraines.

According to the Migraine Research Foundation, migraines are the 3rd most prevalent illness in the world and the 6th most disabling.

In our ever increasingly busy lives, sometimes it is hard to take a moment to breathe, let alone stop to take a break. In between, kids, partners, friends, work, and activities, let alone the pain, no one has time to be regularly debilitated by migraines.

Wouldn’t life be that much easier without having to worry about headaches or migraines?

“Life throws enough challenges at us without having to deal with frequent headaches/migraines to make it even harder. Why not make life easier for yourself and take the time to work on you?”

-Dr. Beth Yule – Osteopath at Premier Sports and Spinal Medicine

Here are 5 common mistakes that you might be making in regards to your headaches/migraines.

1) Sitting with poor posture can negatively impact your headaches/migraines: It puts a lot of stress on your neck. The neck has been shown to have a strong connection to headache/migraine pain and therefore it can bring on or enhance the effects of a headache/migraine.

2) Sitting for too long could be impacting your headaches: The body is not designed to do any one thing for too long and this includes sitting. Therefore introducing movement into your day could help to improve your head pain.

3) You can get what’s known as ‘a rebound headache’ from taking too much pain medication to try and alleviate your migraines.
4) Accepting that headaches/migraines are a normal part of life is another common mistake: Although most people are likely to encounter a headache infrequently if you are suffering from head pain regularly, something can be done about it.

5) Being treated for headaches/migraines by one practitioner is not the same as being treated by another: There are practitioners who have additional training in headaches and migraines who are better suited and highly trained and experienced to treat your head pain.

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