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Clinical Pilates or Group Pilates?

Like most things in life choosing a physical activity that will suit your needs and lifestyle can sometimes be a difficult task. You may have heard that “Pilates” is good for your mind, body and health, but how do you know that you have chosen the right type of Pilates class?

A group Pilates class will develop your abdominal muscles increase strength and flexibility and improve your posture providing you are a strong able body, free of postural misalignments and injury. This is a wonderful form of fitness, set in a large group class setting where your body is subjected to a series of repertoire with minimal supervision but like the environment of an aerobics class it has the potential to cause harm and risk of injury.
If you however are a person with specific needs like;

A person susceptible to injury , weakness of core / pelvic floor.
A person in need of injury rehabilitation.
A person who has postural misalignment due to poor muscle activation or structural abnormalities
An athlete training for a specific sport and your goals are to obtain a competitive edge
then Clinical Pilates is better suited to your needs.

So what is Clinical Pilates?

In a Clinical Pilates class (maximum 4 participants) each person has a customised program that addresses that persons’ individual needs and trains under the supervision of a practitioner who will modify the program continuously to address specific needs and issues where as in a group Pilates class everyone does the same thing at the same time under minimal supervision.
Another major distinguishing factor between Clinical Pilates vs Group Pilates is the level of education of the facilitator. In a Clinical Pilates setting your instructor would be an Allied Health Professional such as: Physiotherapist, Exercise Physiologist or a Clinical Pilates instructor that has had sound education on the Injuries and Special Populations sector (ISP), with many years of experience – usually they would be affiliated with Pilates Alliance Australasia (PAA) or Australia Pilates Method Association (APMA) which means that a certain number of health funds would recognise them.
Your instructor in a group class would have a basic knowledge on anatomy and can be taught by a Personal Trainer or Pilates Instructor who has obtained a basic level of mat or reformer certification.

Starting Clinical Pilates

At Premier Sports & Spinal Medicine we use a 5 step thorough process to set you on the path of success

1) An initial postural analysis

The key to an effective program is having a practitioner assess your body in a comprehensive way. This is a 45 minute appointment which includes a thorough medical history and physical examination, including tests to assist in the development of a safe and effective program.

2) A Real Time Ultrasound

A real life movie of your core muscles at work. We utilise the most advanced technology to look at the activation of your Transverses Abdominus and Pelvic Floor muscles. This is especially important for pre / postnatal women and general sufferers of Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction.

3) Pilates 1-1

A 45 minute private session. Here is where we finalise your program ensuring that the exercises chosen are in correlation to your specific needs and goals. This is also a great opportunity for your instructor to educate you on the basic fundamentals of Pilates.

4) Small group Clinical Pilates class

Your instructor will now be up to date with your medical history and will have a sound knowledge of the inner workings of your body. Now it’s time to implement the program that was designed for you and ensuring that you will get all the attention that you need to achieve your goals.

5) Re-Assessment

Once you have regularly attended your Pilates classes for approximately 6-12 weeks your instructor will ask you to come back for a re-assessment. This is where you will really see the results of your progress as your body would have gone through some significant changes. We mark your progress and set new challenges to keep you on track to achieve your goals.

So what are you waiting for? Call us now to book your first appointment and get started on building your better body.

VENUS BRUTNALL Pilates Coordinator

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