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CONFIDENT AND CAPABLE! 5 tips and tricks to help you feel comfortable at the gym

With summer fast approaching comes an increase in numbers at the gym. While it is great to see so many people moving their bodies and exercising, it can be very intimidating for some, especially if you are new to the environment. I’ve put together 5 tips and tricks to help you feel confident, empowered, and capable when hitting the gym.

1. Plan your visit

They say preparation is the key to success! Spend some time figuring out what kind of workout you would like to do. The gym can be an overwhelming place so what equipment or machines will you need? How long do you want to spend exercising? How many repetitions and sets are you working towards? Write down a rough program to give you a little direction. This will help keep you on track and may settle some nerves. 

2. Phone a friend 

If you feel more confident and comfortable having a workout buddy then phone a friend! You can opt to join a group class together (think spin, Zumba, pilates) or just venture out onto the gym floor. You may find support in one another, and comfort in the fact that maybe neither of you knows what you’re doing! 

3. Find a supportive gym or PT

If a large communal gym still isn’t for you, expand your search to smaller, more private training environments. Some of the larger gyms even have private workout rooms or quieter spaces away from the general public. A good personal trainer is also a fantastic way to feel more confident and encourage you to the gym. They can help with your program, form, and weights. 

4. Wear a new outfit and pick a playlist.
Fake it till you make it! Very simple but just as powerful in helping you feel that little bit more confident going to the gym. Find an outfit that’s comfortable on your body and makes you feel good. Put on an energetic playlist and drown out surrounding sounds. This will help you stay focused on YOU and your workout! Spotify and Apple Music curate workout playlists for you which can be found by searching in the app. 

5. Go at a quiet time

If you have a little flexibility in your day, try going at a quieter time. Usually late morning, midday, or late at night are less busy. This will give you time to learn your way around, try new equipment and get a little more confident with what you’re doing. 

If you feel none of these tips have helped you, don’t feel defeated. Going to the gym is not essential to exercise and to move your body. You can explore other avenues of exercise such as team sports, small group classes, at home, or outdoor workouts. Find something you enjoy, and go for it. If you’d like a little extra help in managing an injury that’s preventing exercise, developing a program for your goals, or working on your form, feel free to get in touch via rachel@premiersportsmedicine.com.au

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