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Is coughing, sneezing or running a problem?

Attend a  child’s birthday party at a trampoline centre and you will find many of the mums sitting on the sidelines and not willing to participate. Many women also worry about coughing, sneezing or say that they can’t run or jump. Women’s health is often not openly discussed normally due to the sensitivity of the topics. In some cases certain symptoms such as leaking following the birth of a child is considered normal in social circles amongst mothers, but is it really?

At Premier Sports & Spinal Medicine we want to correct these social myths and help support women in managing their symptoms so they can live a happier care free life. Whether you have symptoms or just want the reassurance that everything is working as it should, our physiotherapists can provide you with the answers to the questions you don’t always want to ask your friends.

Women’s health physiotherapy covers a range of topics, some of which you may have not been aware of. Physiotherapy can prevent pelvic organ prolapse and unnecessary surgery, correct incontinence and improve your quality of life.

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