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How to pinpoint the cause of your acute or life long aches and pains in 60 Minutes flat!

If you suffer from recurring aches and pains, or your body isn’t working the way it should be, then you’re going to find this article incredibly helpful.

More than 85% of recurring aches and pains are caused by a problem in a completely different area from where you feel the pain.

If you don’t find the underlying cause of reoccurring or ongoing injuries, they will persist with you throughout your life.  And often, they also cause knock-on effects in other areas of the body.

When you see an experienced and well-trained practitioner, such as those at Premier Sports Medicine, we will take the time to comprehensively assess everything that’s possibly contributing to your pain.  

That’s why when you come in for back pain, for example, we will check out your hips, knees, and feet.  

Often this is where the problem is coming from, even though you feel the pain higher up in your back.

We call this “regional interdependence”.

Which basically means your body is one whole unit that must work together.

If you have a problem in one area it’s most likely causing problems in other areas. 

For example, tight hip flexors can cause your lower back to compensate, or your knees, literally changing the way you move, walk and feel.

Most people may have felt this before if they have been sitting down for a long time and then when they stand up, it may take some time for the lower back to loosen up, or their knee doesn’t feel right – all because of a tight hip muscle.


Another example is when people sprain their ankle.  

Most people think that there is nothing to do for this, except rest, ice and let it recover until the pain and swelling disappear. 

But what happens due to the pain around the ankle is that muscles get weak, and lose their ability to keep balance (test out your balance if you have sprained your ankle a few times). 

For many people, if they don’t address the weakness, end up with recurrent ankle, knee or hip issues due to this weakness in the ankles, sometimes years after the initial injury.

As you get older these little, seemingly insignificant injuries accumulate in your body, the whole time your body is compensating and trying it’s best to get by.  

But each of these compensations puts strain somewhere else and leaves you more and more vulnerable to injury.

When you first come to Premier as an initial patient, we spend quite a bit of time questioning people on their previous injuries and go through thorough testing to try to identify them.  

But we get it, it’s so hard to remember all the minor sprains and strains that we have over the years, especially when you’re currently suffering from pain in another area.

So occasionally these underlying problems do get missed, people get better but their problem can come back, again and again.

But things have now changed at Premier.  

Hi-tech testing allows us to  pinpoint the cause of your aches and pains in less than 60 Minutes

When you can identify the underlying cause of your pain and follow a comprehensive plan, to not only relieve the initial symptoms but to also correct the underlying imbalances, you can make a quicker recovery and ensure the problem doesn’t come back again in the future.

Previously this technology was only available in elite sporting clubs and University Labs.

However, Premier Sports Medicine has invested significant amounts in high-tech muscle and joint testing analysis and video analysis to allow us to pinpoint the exact cause of your problem in under 60 Minutes.

This is truly groundbreaking and revolutionary in local osteo/physio clinics.

If you are fed up with a body that keeps letting you down and you want to find out why then our comprehensive full-body AXIT testing is for you.

We are pleased to be able to offer this to our existing clients.

And for the first 10 people, you can save $105 whilst getting your body feeling better than it ever has before!

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