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Off to Rio

Ahmed Kellly

Best wishes for Ahmed Kelly as he heads off to Rio!

In the past few months our Physiotherapist Ben Lennard has had the pleasure of treating Ahmed Kelly. Nicknamed “Liquid Nails” (because he’s tough as nails) Ahmed has been selected to represent Australia at the 2016 Rio Paralympics.  He lives in Brunswick, is  based at the Melbourne Vicentre Swimming Club and has been coached by Brad Harris since 2009. As of 2016, Ahmed has a scholarship with the Victorian Institute of Sport.

After competing at his first international competition, the 2009 Oceania Paralympic Championships in Darwin, Ahmed has gone on to claim back‐to‐back 100 m breaststroke crowns at the Australian Championships (2010 and 2011), with both victories coming in world record time. He represented Australia  at the 2012 Paralympics  in four events where his best result was fourth in the Men’s 50 m Breaststroke.

Watching Ahmed prepare for Rio got us thinking about the pillars of support which athletes need to be able to succeed. What support do they get which enables them to reach their goals?

If you are a professional athlete, weekend warrior, someone who has not  exercised for years or are recovering from an injury; surrounding yourself with four pillars of support is just as important to keep you on track as it is for a professional athlete. To succeed you need;

  • Someone who can act as your coach, keep you on track and force you to train when it’s cold and wet outside – have you got a friend or family member who can push you along?
  • A psychologist – have you got a close friend who can give you positive reinforcement when negative thoughts set in?
  • Someone who can loosen up your sore muscles and tight knots- reward yourself with a treatment every now and then
  • Healthy fresh food to nourish your body in training – so invest in a good cook book and start experimenting in the kitchen

Most important of all, don’t just waddle along. Make a plan with long and short term goals and steps in place for how you are going to achieve them.
Organise yourself and go for GOLD

Ben Lennard says; “Ahmed has been a pleasure to work with. It is obvious to see his dedication and drive in regards to his elite level swimming. I am truly inspired by the amount of work and devotion that Ahmed puts into his health and conditioning, in and out of the pool.  It has been an honour to work with such a hard working, honest and easy going individual. I wish him all the best for the upcoming Paralympics.”

Ben and Ahmed


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