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The pill free solution to your headaches

Have headaches got you constantly in pain and feeling down?

That was the case for Mrs. X until she came and discovered the pill-free solution to her chronic headaches and migraines.

Mrs. X is a mid-30-year-old female with daily ‘background’ headaches that would spike into severe migraines once every 2-3 weeks. Although this sounds bad, this was actually the best Mrs. X had felt in years because her migraines used to be far more frequent.

What helped to decrease these headaches/migraines down to this current state was:

    • Preventative medication

Botox injections into the back of the neck

Plus pain medication when the migraines did attack.

All that medication and yet there was still no true relief.

Mrs. X had little sleep leading her to be constantly exhausted, but too much sleep would bring on a migraine. The constant pain and drowsiness were affecting her mood, her concentration and her ability to be sociable.

Mrs. X had previously had an MRI performed that was clear of anything that would cause a headache. She’d seen multiple practitioners, including osteopaths, physiotherapists, and chiropractors, providing her limited relief but no lasting results.

Mrs. X researched headache specialists and finally found me.

Mrs. X told me her story, her health goals and her most important goal was to feel like herself again, she was sick of headaches and migraines ruling her life.

Through her examination I identified that:

    • Her daily headaches were connected to her more severe migraines and they were just minor versions

The root cause of all of her head pain could be traced back to the top 3 cervical vertebrae in her neck

Not only could I feel restrictions in Mrs. X neck, but when I applied pressure to specific areas, I could reproduce Mrs. X’s head pain, meaning we’d found the problem areas!

I then gave her a plan for immediate relief and long-term management so that her headaches would not return.

We then began to apply the Watson Headache ® Approach of treatment.
Read more about The Watson Technique

She said she felt clearer, lighter, was able to sleep for longer and generally just felt “more like herself again”.

After 4 weeks she was headache free and she remains headache free today.

Treating headaches and migraines with pills is not the answer, they may mask the pain but they don’t treat the cause of the pain.

With accurate diagnosis and treatment of headaches and migraines, as is done with the Watson Headache ® Approach, the root cause can be found and treated so that lasting result can be achieved.

What are your headache and migraine journeys? What have you tried and what has or hasn’t worked for you? I would love to hear them.

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