A first for Melbourne. Our clinical strength classes are designed for people who want to get the best out of their bodies by developing the foundations of a strong and resilient body.  It combines the best of yoga, pilates and strength training into one class, and is based on your individual needs to reach your goals.

A pain & injury free body can only occur when the body’s foundations are sound.

Everybody needs adequate alignment, mobility, control, strength, balance, nutrition and rest.

A deficiency in one or more areas will lead to injury or a reduction in athletic performance. Unfortunately, people gravitate to exercises that they are good at and avoid the ones that are challenging.  But in fact, it should be the other way around.  If you want a body that serves you well for the rest of your life – you must have the fundamentals rock solid.

Our job is to find where your body is lacking in these areas and tailor a program to eliminate these weak points.  We will design a program that will help you achieve your health goals.  Whether it is to exercise safely, eliminate pain and injury, or perform at the highest level in sports, we can help get you there.

Our Clinical Strength Physio’s & Osteo’s are experts in identifying the weak links holding you back from having a body that simply functions perfectly – no pain, no injury and be able to tackle whatever you throw at it.

Our clinical strength classes are ideal for people who:

  • suffer from re-occurring on ongoing back pain
  • suffer from re-occurring injuries (eg hamstring strains, groin injury, ACL, shoulder)
  • want to improve their physical health with a team of experts
  • get back into the gym safely after injury, surgery, or time away from exercise
  • reversal of the symptoms of arthritis
  • want to trainer smarter for a healthy body
  • some from niggling injuries or pain after exercises such as golf, gym or running
  • postnatal strengthening programs
  • to complement your existing training to maximise your results
  • for athletes to perform better by identifying and eliminating weaknesses

How to start

Save $195 on our Introductory Package which has everything you need to get started.

Your Personalised Assessment

The key to a strong, pain-free and resilient body is a comprehensive assessment to identify the weak links in your body and to develop a plan to improve.

1 on 1 training session

Your Physio will take you through your personalised program to teach you the fundamentals and perfect your technique.

Clinical Strength Class

Our classes are led by qualified physio’s and osteo’s with a background in injury management and strength training. With a max of 4 people in each class, you are assured close attention to build strength, improve mobility and feel your best.

Our mission:

To safely guide our patients through recovery and to achieve their health goals
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Frequently Asked Questions

Loose comfortable clothing to exercise in.
Yes, you can under your extras cover (physio and osteo) We offer no guarantee that you will get a rebate as it will vary depending on your level of cover and limits.
Classes are 50 minutes
If you are referred by your GP under a team care arrangement for a chronic/complex condition.
Our physio’s and osteo’s are experts in injury treatment and prevention, as well as optimising athletic performance. They are trained to assess the body for weak links that may be causing you pain or holding you back from performing at your peak. We focus on building the foundations of robust individuals and not fancy high intensity workouts which will make you sweat and burn but may not be that great for you.