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Back Pain

Our Osteopaths and Physiotherapists are highly experienced in treating all types of back pain, including muscle strain, joint sprain, pinched nerve, sciatica, degeneration, and arthritis.

We ensure that all treatments for back pain are the most advanced and effective method of treating your particular back pain condition. Our practitioners constantly review new procedures and technology to keep up with advances in the rapidly changing world of medicine. Our clinics regularly receive referrals from local GP’s and spinal specialists to help patients with back pain or sciatica avoid surgery.

4 steps for the best back pain treatment

A proper assessment is essential. The assessment must first rule out any serious pathology and then get very accurate as to what is causing the problem. A full body assessment is required, as although the back pain is felt in the back or along the nerves( as in sciatica) the problem can be stemming from another region distal from the site of pain.
Diagnosing what structures causing the pain (i.e disc, muscle, nerve, or joint), AND what other areas of the body are contributing to that area being painful – we call this the underlying cause.
Specific and targeted treatment to the findings in 1 and 2 above.
A comprehensive back treatment plan designed to stop the pain fast and importantly make sure it doesn’t come back again in the future.
The back pain treatment team is led by Dr Damian Poustie, an osteopath with over 20 years of experience and over 20,000 consultations performed specifically for back and neck pain.

For patients in acute pain, we strive to get reduce the pain as quickly as possible, and of course, the way we do this will depend on many factors including what is causing your injury. Importantly, we tailor the back pain treatment to suit you and your condition. Once we have assessed your back injury we will sit down with you and let you know all the options. Involving patients in care planning is essential for great long term outcomes.

For patients who have persistent back pain (i.e more than 3 months duration), this is best treated with some initial osteopathy or physiotherapy and then a structured clinical pilates or rehabilitation program. Our centres have computerised testing equipment to assist in the assessment and diagnosis of your condition, and extensive rehabilitation equipment.

Exercise for Lower Back Pain Treatment. Once your acute pain has settled it is time for rehabilitation to prevent a relapse. It is vital that you do not miss this step, even though you are out of pain, otherwise, it is very likely that your pain will come back. This is when we focus on the underlying factors that have caused your back pain. Specific exercise is a key element of almost any lower back pain treatment plan. An exercise program will be developed and taught by a spine health professional. It will include three components: muscle control, muscle flexibility and muscle strength. The exercises are best done through a controlled, progressive program, with the goal of building toward a stronger, more flexible spine. Clinical Pilates or clinical strength classes have been proven to be an excellent exercise program for many patients who wish to commence a rehabilitation program and avoid future pain flareups.

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