Elbow Pain Clinics – Brunswick,Fitzroy North & Thornbury


Two common elbow complaints are “tennis elbow” (lateral epicondylitis) and “golfers elbow” (medial epicondylitis). They typically result from overuse of the elbow. Tennis elbow is classified as pain on the outside of the elbow joint, and caused by overuse of the forearm muscles involved in gripping, extending the wrist and extending the elbow (the backhand motion in tennis). Golfers elbow presents as pain on the inside of the elbow, and is caused by overuse of the forearm muscles involved in gripping, flexing the wrist and flexing the elbow (golf swing). Causes can include overuse in sports such as tennis, golf, and other activities including gardening, painting, computer and mouse use, lifting and carrying. Elbow pain is a very common injury that is seen on a day to day basis at Premier Sports & Spinal Medicine, please call to make an appointment with one of our practitioners to have your pain accurately diagnosed and treated.

Treatment for elbow pain

Treatment options prescribed by our practitioners may include:

  • exercises to gradually strengthen the tendons
  • soft tissue massage
  • dry needling
  • taping or bracing your elbow
  • anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving medication prescribed by your GP can help you cope with the pain, but do not improve long-term outcomes