Our Sports Physiotherapists in Fitzroy North are experienced in all types of sports & spinal physiotherapy and injury rehabilitation.

Our Sports Physiotherapists in Fitzroy North are experts in the assessment and management of sports injuries and spinal pain.  Physiotherapists are highly qualified in the assessment and treatment of the muscles and joints in the body and helping to make sure they are working optimally.

We also have a number of physiotherapists that excel in particular areas such as

Pre & Post Natal

Lower Back Pain

Sports Injuries

Athletic Performance

Cross Fit and Weight Lifting

Martial Arts & Dance

Upper Limb Injury Management

Lower Limb Injury Management

Headache & Migraine



The Premier Difference

We take the time to thoroughly assess and diagnose your injury, provide the best available treatment and give you a management plan to ensure that your problem doesn’t come back again.

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee

Our practitioners are dedicated, passionate and highly skilled.   We have complete confidence in our team, so much that if you are not fully satisfied with your consultation today, or any subsequent consultations, then your next session will be free with the choice of seeing any one of our practitioners.

All of our physiotherapists are registered with private health insurance so you can claim back on the spot.