The most effective way to get your body moving well and feeling great.

  • Fed up with a body that lets you down?
  • Tired of having a sore back or other aches and pains?
  • Do you simply want your body performing at its peak?
  • Are you a mum-in-waiting or a new mum?

If the answer is YES! Then Clinical Pilates is right for you.

It is the most effective method to eliminate body aches and pains, restore muscle imbalances,  improve posture, and strengthen your body.

Premier Sports & Spinal Medicine are the leaders in Clinical Pilates

with the largest range of clinical pilates instructors and classes in Melbourne

  • The key to any great program is to have a personalized program that caters exactly to your body and your goals.  Our expert Physios and Osteos spend the time to assess and plan your perfect pilates program to help you reach your goals faster.
  • Our instructors are all osteopaths, physiotherapists, and myotherapists who all undergo hundreds of hours of additional training every year to deliver excellence.
  • We have instructors who have additional expert training in prenatal, postnatal, back pain, hip and lower limb rehabilitation, sports/athletic performance/running, and shoulder rehabilitation.

  Why should I choose Clinical Pilates over yoga or regular pilates run at my local gym/fitness centre/community centre?

In Clinical Pilates you are assessed by an expert physio or osteo with advanced training in pilates rehabilitation and a personalised program is developed for you.

Clinical Pilates is not a fitness or weight loss class

It is designed to progressively build your body from the inside out, so it’s strong and resilient allowing you to tackle whatever life throws at you.

It is why most professional sporting teams do supervised clinical pilates every week (and nearly every celebrity).

Regular Pilates is a generalised exercise class focused on improving fitness and does not take in to account an individual’s past injuries and body type.  In regular pilates everyone does the same exercises which may or may not be helpful for you.  Clinical Pilates takes out the guesswork so you get results.

After breaking my back snowboarding, I needed a solution for regaining my strength and flexibility. I had heard a lot about Pilates but had no idea just how personalized the programs are. I am loving the classes which are extremely positive. I have found the instructors are very knowledgeable, knowing exactly what works and how it to achieve it. Pilates works!”- D.W (Pilates Convert 2018)

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Staff who are completely focused on treating your injury, and carefully rehabilitating you back to 100% function, and beyond.
Mobile app to book classes very convenient and flexible
Staff friendly and extremely helpful as well as being very professional
All my dealings with Premier have been so easy so thumbs up
Friendly professional team. Pilates is amazing…I’ve recovered from an injury I never thought would go away. Easy to use booking system is great too.
The instructors are very knowledgeable and push us just the right amount, it actually makes exercising on a Saturday morning fun!
I love that progress is taken seriously and the therapists I see are passionate about their jobs. I have seen results through this year working alongside Nathan Gravina. His knowledge and passion are remarkable. Thank you
I’ve been going weekly nearly 3 years and always look forward to my class. It’s a great atmosphere and I get results.

The key to an effective program is having a practitioner with additional qualifications in Pilates assess your body in a comprehensive way. This is a 45 minute appointment which includes a thorough history and physical examination and tests to assist in the development of a safe and effective program.

A real life movie of your core muscles at work. We utilise the most advanced technology to look at how your core muscles are working. This is especially important for women post pregnancy.

Just you and your instructor – 1 on 1. We finalise your program and make sure that we get things right from the start, a program which will build a strong foundation for your new body. This is also a 45 minute appointment. You are now ready to move in to a small group class of maximum 4 participants.

All of our classes are maximum 4 people, where you are guided through your individualised program, meaning you have loads of one on one time with your practitioner. Classes run for 60 mins. You can attend any one of our 3 Pilates studio locations.
Your reassessment is another one on one appointment to make sure you’re progressing, address any questions or concerns and to update your program. This usually happens about 8 – 12 weeks after you start.

We have experience helping clients with

Men who think that Pilates is just for women – try telling that to The Melbourne Storm players who regularly do Pilates to help keep them injury free. We have both male and female instructors who can help you reach our goals.

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