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The Story Behind Premier Sports Medicine

In 2004, nestled in an old medical clinic on Holden Street in Fitzroy North, Premier Sports Medicine emerged as a beacon of hope for holistic healthcare. Damian (Premier Sports Clinic Director), drawing from his personal experiences as an avid sportsman and inspired by global best practises, saw a need to offer something beyond standard care. He visualised a clinic that would not just treat injuries but would redefine the very essence of comprehensive well-being.

The foundation was set. Within just six months, due to overwhelming demand, Premier expanded its expert team, integrating osteopaths, physiotherapists, and other specialists. Drawing from his diverse overseas experiences and the fragmented healthcare he once received as an athlete, Damian (Premier Sports Clinic Director) knew the true essence of healing: a cohesive, multidisciplinary approach.

This unique combination of osteopathy, physiotherapy, massage, and Pilates wasn’t just a service; it was a revolution in Melbourne’s healthcare landscape. As the clinics flourished, Premier’s commitment to unparalleled service and patient outcomes ignited expansions to Thornbury and Brunswick.

But what truly sets Premier apart is its ethos. Damian (Premier Sports Clinic Director) and his team are driven by a vision: an ageless society where people can thrive in their 80s and 90s, unburdened by pain, without the crutches of medications. This philosophy has remained unwavering, guiding every expansion, every service, and every patient interaction.

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Meet Our Team

We are thrilled to celebrate the incredible milestone of serving 35,000 patients at Premier Sports Medicine! Achieving this remarkable feat wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering dedication, expertise, and compassion of our exceptional team. From our osteopaths, physiotherapists, and myotherapists to our administrative and support staff, every member plays a vital role in delivering the highest standard of care to our community. We invite you to meet the individuals who make Premier Sports Medicine the trusted choice for holistic health solutions. Check out their profiles to learn more about their qualifications, specialities, and personal stories that drive them to make a positive impact every day. Get to know the team that’s committed to your well-being! 

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Sharing Expertise as We Celebrate 35,000 Patients Served

At Premier Sports Medicine, prioritising health is core to our mission. To mark this milestone, we’re offering complimentary resources that provide basic tips and tricks for managing injuries and improving well-being. While these resources are designed as a starting point, for personalised guidance and to address specific health concerns, we always recommend consulting a qualified professional.

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