Adam Rose

Chronic and complex pain, Clinical Pilates

Adam has over ten years of experience as a Physiotherapist in the private and public sectors graduating back in 2008 from the University of Bradford in the UK with a BSC in Physiotherapy.

Adam’s passion for physiotherapy was ignited by a long string of varying injuries but mainly by his past experience of chronic back pain. Adam not only understands the frustration of this pain but has lived it. Adam has spent the last decade refining his skills, doing extensive training to develop tailored treatment programs for back pain sufferers.

Adam has spent the last year working closely with GPs to educate them on the importance of not just manual therapy but exercise and self-management to help achieve the best possible health and pain outcomes for their patients.

Adam has a keen interest in core stability, making him an ideal and experienced practitioner for Pre and post-natal clients wishing to start Clinical Pilates to aid recovery of their pelvic floor.

Adam’s philosophy is to empower his patients to be able to facilitate their own health and prevent future injury.

Colleagues and friends describe Adam as bringing light and fun to any situation and being a fantastic listener.

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