Osteopath, Team Leader

Ashlea Crupi

Women's health, Neck and back pain, Pre and post-natal, Clinical Pilates

Ashlea holds her Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy) from RMIT, as well as a Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction from National Pilates Training.

Combining both Osteopathy and Pilates into her practice has been the perfect way to work with patients to achieve their health and fitness goals, which gives her the added advantage of being skilled in identifying the underlying causes of people’s pain and limited function.
Ashlea has a big belief in helping people to help themselves.

All too often, she has seen new patients that have had key components of their recovery missed, which means their problem keeps coming back again and again. Simple strategies can make a massive difference as long as you know what to look for, and corrective exercise is a big part of that.
Ashlea first became interested in Osteopathy and Pilates after having injuries from playing basketball and netball in her junior years. After having chronic lower back pain in her teenage years and receiving osteopathic treatment, she discovered Pilates. She realised the benefits of understanding your own body and how to strengthen it to keep healthy effectively. She understands that combining therapy and strengthening is the best way to get out of pain and stay that way!

Ashlea is passionate about treating sports injuries, having spent five years working as a head trainer at a local AFL football club. She enjoys working with people with lower limb injuries and the problem solving that comes with getting to the bottom of the cause of the patient’s pain. She has done a further study on ACL rehabilitation in Pilates.

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