Brendan Verbunt

TMJ, Neck and back pain

Brendan completed his Masters of Osteopathy in 2014 at RMIT University Melbourne. His passion for Osteopathy during his adolescent years, whilst he himself was being treated for chronic back pain. He was amazed at the discipline’s ability to relieve his chronic pain, but also the extremely diverse skillset of osteopaths.

Brendan is an expert and believes in finding the true cause of a patient’s pain, in particular for chronic back pain and TMJ disorder sufferers, as he was one himself. He achieves this by putting in place a comprehensive plan to treat all facets of the injury or condition.

Since suffering from TMJ pain as a student, Brendan gained an interest in the treatment of TMJ disorders and has since used his own personal experiences to help others with their TMJ injuries. He has untaken extra training in the treatment of TMJ injuries and now helps mentor younger osteopaths in the area.

Like many Osteopaths, Brendan also loves treating any kind of sporting injury. He has completed his certificate in applied functional science with the Grey Institute and has a Diploma in Football Medicine with FIFA to help every person get the best out of their bodies for any athletic level.

Brendan has been helping clients with complex conditions since 2015 and is often called on to provide second opinions for complex cases and leads training for the other practitioners at Premier.

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