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Dr. Georgia Cowey

Chronic conditions & acute sporting injuries.

Georgia graduated with her Masters in Osteopathy from Victoria University. She chose to pursue a career in Osteopathy because she has a passion for the human body and its complexities. She understands that every patient’s presentation is unique; therefore, their treatment and management should reflect that.

Georgia has experience treating a wide range of conditions. Her commitment to improving the lives of her patients has led her to work in a community outreach clinic, where she gained extensive experience treating chronic conditions. In addition, her time as a sports trainer for a local netball club allowed her to develop a keen understanding of acute sports-related injuries.

Georgia enjoys treating all types of injuries and conditions by utilising a combination of hands-on Osteopathic techniques, including dry needling, as well as rehabilitation exercises tailored to each patient. She always encourages patients to take an active role in their recovery to ensure they get back to doing what they love as soon as possible.

One of Georgia’s primary interests lies in guiding everyday people towards a more functional, pain-free, and healthy lifestyle. This includes office workers, manual labourers, prenatal or postnatal women, and students. She has an interest in treating the common musculoskeletal issues experienced by these groups, such as neck, shoulder, and back discomfort.

Furthermore, Georgia has a special interest in women’s health issues. She understands the specific needs and concerns that women face at different stages of life, and she is dedicated to providing the support and care necessary to enhance their overall well-being. Her holistic approach extends to this area as well, ensuring that women receive personalised and effective treatment.

Outside of the clinic Georgia enjoys staying active with pilates and netball. She’s also an avid reader and is always open to hearing new book recommendations.

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