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Dr. Orlando Mein

Upper back, neck pain, and sporting injuries

Orlando was exposed to physiotherapists and osteopaths from a young age, as an athlete on an athletic scholarship to study and play collegiate-level basketball in Canada following high school, like most athletes, he suffered a string of injuries causing him to need treatment and rehabilitation. This exposure furthered his fascination for the human body and its ability to bounce back and recover.

Post-basketball, this lead him to complete a Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy) from RMIT University. Orlando then worked in regional Victoria seeing and treating a variety of people, with a variety of needs, from aged care to local athletes.

Orlando enjoys treating all musculoskeletal conditions but has a keen interest in upper back and neck pain and sporting injuries, having been exposed to all of these issues himself.

Orlando aims to help his patients become the best physical versions of themselves free of pain and injury. He does this by working collaboratively with his patients with a variety of hands-on techniques and exercise prescriptions.

Outside of the clinic, Orlando runs a radio and events series titled With Friends, showcasing up-and-coming Melbourne DJs and artists. He also enjoys gigging and DJing himself.

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