Dwayne Horwood

Sports injuries, Work injuries, Neck and back pain

Dwayne is a senior physiotherapist who has worked in both Australia and the UK. Dwayne graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and has since completed post-graduate studies in Sports Medicine, Exercise Science (strength and conditioning), Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, and currently completing the Masters of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy.

Dwayne has done extensive post-graduate coursework involving the hip/pelvic region, knee, ankle and over 100hrs of Spinal courses. Dwayne has a particular interest in neck and upper limb injuries, appreciating the complexities the shoulder and hand/wrist region often present. As part of his Master’s degree, he has been trained at an advanced level for Headaches and TMJ disorders.

Dwayne has worked with athletes in various sporting fields and has a particular interest in injury prevention and sports performance. His Sports Medicine studies at the University of Melbourne have given him a unique insight into the world of the athlete and the various nuances that come with it.

Dwayne is well versed with Dry Needling, Advanced sports taping and various manual therapy techniques. He prides himself on breaking down modern scientific concepts to help clients understand their bodies and enhance the rehabilitation process.

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