Ellena Athanasiou

Sporting injuries and athletic performance, strength and conditioning, Martial arts, Lower limb injuries

Ellena’s passion for myotherapy was ignited through her career as a personal trainer, helping people move and become strong and healthier. She realised she wanted to be a more active part of people’s health journeys. She then went off and completed a degree in Myotherapy at RMIT. Ellena then had the opportunity to treat a variety of clients, including but not exclusively, athletes from MSA, AFL, and individuals at the Wellington Center.

Ellena believes that she can achieve the best outcomes by incorporating and tailoring a wide variety of techniques, including Myofascial Dry Needling, Trigger point therapy, Cupping, Myofascial release and Lymphatic drainage for her patients, as she knows that no one’s health and recovery journey is the same. Being a versatile practitioner, Ellena is fascinated by and loves helping those with lower-body injuries such as ACL, ankle, hamstring/ quad rehabilitation and neurological conditions.

Leading on from her experience as a personal trainer Ellena is now a big part of Pilates and clinical strength programs, leading a number of both these rehabilitation classes.

Ellena is an attentive, caring, and enthusiastic practitioner who can be the difference in recovering from injury and becoming stronger and moving better than before.

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