Katie Bruni

Headache, Migraine and women's health clinical pilates

After growing up in rural Victoria, Katie made the move to Melbourne to pursue a career and complete her double Bachelor of Health Science and Applied Science in Osteopathy. She always knew she wanted a career in healthcare that encompassed movement, science, and patient interaction; therefore, her passion for the profession came naturally.

After working for four years as a sports trainer in Australian Rules Football and cricket clubs, her expertise in management and rehabilitation for sporting injuries is evident.

Once she landed at Premier undertook training in Clinical Pilates; it was a natural fit. Katie can design and facilitate rehabilitation programs with clients from all walks of life, helping them achieve optimal function and getting them back to doing the things they love, not just relieving their pain.
Katie loves treating a patient’s body as a whole to form an in-depth understanding of a client’s condition and any underlying factors contributing.
Katie also commits to expanding her broad knowledge, completing further studies in myofascial needling and cupping, and advanced sports and kinesiology taping.

Katie is also a practitioner apart of our Headache and Migraine management team, having undertaken extensive professional development in this area and continuous training.

Katie also has a passion for women’s health, particularly pre and post-natal rehabilitation and management.

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