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Katrina Shaw

Jaw pain, hip, knee and sports injuries, clinical pilates

Katrina is a UK trained physiotherapist who graduated in 2009. After volunteering as a student with a local London-based American Football team, she went on to work with the Great Britain team and travel across Europe for competitions. Katrina worked in private practice in New Zealand with local rugby and netball teams, the Wellington men’s hockey team, and various international athletes.

Before becoming a physiotherapist, Katrina worked as a Personal Trainer in London, helping athletes perform at their peak. Katrina combines her personal training and physiotherapy skills to help high-level athletes and everyday people feel and perform at their best. Katrina has also worked extensively as a physiotherapist with cancer patients in London and at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne. She feels at home with clients from any background.

Katrina joined Premier in March 2017. She uses various hands-on techniques, including massage, manual therapy, and dry needling, to complement exercises, movement, and lifestyle changes that optimise her client’s function and well-being. Katrina has a particular interest in treating TMD due to the debilitating impact it can have on everyday tasks such as eating and talking, two things she takes a lot of pleasure in herself! She completed the Australian Physiotherapy Association course on TMD led by renowned expert physiotherapist Guy Zito. She understands that the symptoms of TMD or any injury can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety, and she endeavours to alleviate these burdens, so clients feel at ease from their very first appointment.

Away from work, Katrina loves exploring Australia and making Melbourne feel like home. She’s passionate about her many hobbies, including aerial hoops and aerial silks and consequently spends a lot of her time hanging upside down! Otherwise, you’ll find her googling choreography or on the dance floor practising for her latest exam in Latin and ballroom dancing.

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