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Senior Osteopath

Kevin Tee

Headache, Migraine, Concussion, Neck and back pain, Athletes

Kevin believes that everyone has the right to engage in and enjoy the freedom of movement. He has competed in various sports, including swimming at a national level, amateur and professional martial arts and weightlifting.

He completed his Major in Human Physiology at Monash University before learning to apply this knowledge as an Osteopath at RMIT. He was selected as the student ambassador for the Osteopathy program. On his journey to push himself both physically and mentally, his focus on high-level sports has since shifted to the task of parenting, where he spends his spare time with his two children, who help him maintain his fitness.
With this experience and knowledge, he has first-hand experience of how being both an athlete and a parent can stress the body and affect its performance and how to manage it effectively.

He has done post-graduate training covering many topics ranging from headaches, dizziness, post-concussion syndrome, sports injuries and rehabilitation, and lower back and spinal condition. He has spent extensive time creating and managing martial artists and high-intensity athletes.

He utilises different modalities, including a wide range of hands-on techniques, including dry needling and specific rehabilitative exercises.
He runs several clinical strength classes to aid his patients with their exercise rehabilitation to help them recover from their injuries through gym bases exercise. This allows his patients to maximise their physical capacity and achieve their goals.

Kevin enjoys spending time with his family, practising martial arts, being outdoors, and tasting coffee outside of work.

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