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Rachel Lee

Neck and back pain, clinical Pilates

After completing a certificate in massage therapy, Rachel sought to help people in a more specific way that combined her love of patient interaction and care with the science and art of manual therapy. This led her to complete a double Bachelor of Applied Science and Health Science with a Masters in Osteopathy from RMIT. Rachel has worked on the reception team at Premier for the last two years while completing clinical placements, allowing her to use her experience and knowledge of treatment and rehabilitation programs on patients.

Rachel uses a structural and direct style of treatment incorporating massage and joint mobilisation to help patients move and feel their best. She particularly enjoys treating necks and backs; however, she understands the importance of assessing and treating the patient’s body as a whole to provide a more comprehensive and global picture.

She loves empowering people to be their best and creating personal connections with her patients. She is interested in how diet and lifestyle can impact a patient’s general well-being, recovery, and performance.

She loves the clinical Pilates classes offered at Premier and has successfully rehabilitated many of her own injuries over the years with Clinical Pilates. Rachel is sex-positive and LGBTIQA+ inclusive. She is also supportive of sex work and diverse relationship structures.

Outside the clinic, Rachel likes to stay active by going to the gym and hiking as often as possible through regional Victoria. You can also find her at one of the many bars and cafes around Brunswick and Fitzroy.

Friends and colleagues describe Rachel as enthusiastic, empathetic, and dedicated to helping others.

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