Tully Hiscock

Running-related injuries, Strength and Conditioning, Clinical Pilates

Tully initially came into the health profession by starting a career in medicine. However, after some time, he decided to change to Physiotherapy because he realised his true passion lies in how the body moves, repairs, and functions and his desire to be a significant and active part of his client’s rehabilitation and entire health journey from start to finish.

Tully has directed his career with a particular interest in runners and running-related injuries. He has founded the Running Injury Clinic at Premier and has trained other physiotherapists to assess and treat running injuries. He has undertaken extra training in running techniques, common training errors and rehabilitation strategies focussing on maintaining the ability to run throughout rehabilitation.

This has enabled him to achieve goals for himself and his patients when building running distance/speed. As a regular runner himself, Tully has a strong interest in maintaining people’s ability to run injury-free.

Tully has also developed a particular interest in sports physiotherapy, strength and conditioning, and running conditions throughout the years. He has worked closely with elite sports teams such as the Victorian Touch Rugby Team and with sub-elite AFL players, including VFL and the everyday athlete. Tully sees strength as a significant component of rehabilitation and uses high-tech assessment to drive his rehabilitation strategies to assist people in returning to function and perform. He combines this assessment with the latest strength research to maximise the results for patients in their rehabilitation.

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