Top 3 exercises to help eliminate back pain!

Has being stuck at home flared up your back pain? Or maybe you’re experiencing back pain for the first time? Or maybe you’ve suffered from back pain before?

On any given day 1 in 7 Australian’s will suffer from back pain. It is the most common presentation to a GP and it affects up to 90% […]

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MUST-KNOW tips for your at home work space

Working from home? Then this is for you!

You will learn:

1. How to set up your at-home workspace. Including:  how to sit, set up your desk and equipment so you don’t get sore.
2. Tips to keep you moving whilst working
3. How to separate your workspace from your general living space
4. How a practitioner could […]

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The Ultimate Guide for your Physical & Mental Well Being during COVID-19

If you’ve been stuck at home and not feeling your best, then this is for you!

Or even if you’ve been feeling great and want to be even better then there are some take homes in here for you too!

We will reveal:

1.  How to handle and manage any negative emotions you may be feeling
2. The best […]

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How to pinpoint the cause of your acute or life long aches and pains in 60 Minutes flat!

If you suffer from recurring aches and pains, or your body isn’t working the way it should be, then you’re going to find this article incredibly helpful.

More than 85% of recurring aches and pains are caused by a problem in a completely different area from where you feel the pain.

If you don’t find the underlying […]

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3 tips and tricks for back pain sufferers whilst exercising, from an expert!

An expert’s tips for exercising if you suffer from back pain!

If you suffer from a painful back, chances are you have been told that you should keep active or exercise more.  

Whilst this is true, often it doesn’t always go to plan.  If you have been out of action for a while with a “bad back” […]

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The 5 hidden causes of back pain & what you can do about it!

If you are struggling with back pain, or you have back pain that keeps coming back, make sure you read this article all the way to the end.

Back pain is the number 1 problem that we see, and after treating over 25,000 people in our clinic, we know that often the actual cause of your […]

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The 5 biggest mistakes runners make that lead to injury and poor performance!

AND what you can do about it!

Written by Ryan Kennedy our sports and lower limb podiatrist.

If you have just started running to get fit for the new year, congratulations,  you have taken the first step into improving your health and wellbeing for the long-haul.  That is if you keep at it.

Because running is […]

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Top tips from a physio for staying injury-free as you work towards 2020 fitness goals!

We are now in full swing of the new decade and I’m sure many of you have decided to take the plunge on your fitness journey – great!

If this is your first time back into exercise for a while or if you’re just a beginner then this blog will be for you!

Even if you are […]

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5 keys things to know about exercising while pregnant 


Dr. Katie Bruni ( Osteopath in Thornbury)

Have you been avoiding the exercises you love due to being pregnant? Are you concerned that exercising may hurt your baby?

You may have been told not to exercise when pregnant. This statement is not entirely true. In most cases, exercising while pregnant can have many positive effects on the […]

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Top 3 Exercises for preventing mechanical back pain


On any given day 1 in 7 Australian’s will suffer from back pain, making it the largest contributor to the burden of disease. It is the most common presentation to a GP and it affects up to 90% of the population at one point or another. 

If you are suffering from back pain it is worth […]

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