Clinical Pilates, it’s the perfect start

Whether you’ve had your baby or are preparing for the arrival of your little one, our Clinical Pilates classes cater for both pre and post-natal ladies. We will show you how to keep fit during pregnancy and after birth, help you maintain your posture and strengthen your pelvic floor. Our classes are kept small and […]

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Nothing can help my back pain!!!

Are you someone who always has back pain? After a long day at work or just a niggle at times?

Do you then “throw” your back out once a year looking for the earliest physio/osteo/chiro/myotherapy appointment available for some relief? Have you been told your issues are lack of core support, pelvic stability, muscular imbalances, poor […]

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Clinical Pilates or Group Pilates?

Like most things in life choosing a physical activity that will suit your needs and lifestyle can sometimes be a difficult task. You may have heard that “Pilates” is good for your mind, body and health, but how do you know that you have chosen the right type of Pilates class?

A group Pilates class will […]

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Pregnancy is a pain in the back

Are you currently pregnant and experiencing any form of pain around your lower back or pelvis? Well, you’re not alone.

In fact, more than two out of three women experience low back pain and one in five women suffer from pelvic pain throughout the course of her pregnancy. These conditions can occur separately or together and […]

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Run for your life by Zoe

Want to run but hate running? Don’t worry you’re not alone. I remember when I first started running and not being able to keep going beyond the first 1km. I thought why on earth do people do this?! But, as my fitness improved and my runs started to feel less effortful I started to enjoy […]

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What’s that knee pain I get when I run?


It’s called Ilio-Tibial-Band Friction Syndrome (ITBFS) and it is quite common.

The knee is the most commonly injured body part in runners, making up 25% of all running injuries. That is quite a lot, considering around 50% of all runners can expect to sustain a running injury over a 12-month period.

Various structures around the knee can […]

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7 Tips to stay injury free when running.

7 Tips to stay injury free when running.
Up to 79% of runners are sidelined each year due to injury.  Commonly most people will have multiple reoccurrences and some never run again.

Below are 7 of our tips that will help to prevent injury when running:  

Correct footwear

Correct footwear can reduce risk of injury while running. The […]

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Booooo! Halloween is coming

Stop carving pumpkins and start eating them

Pumpkins not only make great Halloween decorations, but also provide some great nutritional benefits. Continue reading to find out more

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World Osteoporosis Day 20th October

We all know calcium is good for our bones, but what are some good sources. Click here to find out the best sources that aren’t dairy.

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The three things pregnant women dream of

The three things pregnant women dream most of during their first trimester are frogs, worms and potted plants. Pregnancy hormones can cause mood swings, cravings and many other unexpected changes. Oddly enough, hormones can often affect the types of dreams women have and their vividness. The most common are these three types, but many women […]

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