Damian II face (1)

Damian has been practicing for 10 years in Australia, London and Edinburgh and has a particular interest in back/neck pain, headache/migraine, sports injuries, and chronic/complex conditions. He set up Premier Sports & Spinal Medicine in Melbourne in 2006 with the idea to bring the best musculo-skeletal practitioners all under one roof. Today there are 40 practitioners spread over 6 locations in inner Melbourne (Fitzroy North and Thornbury).

Damian has completed additional post graduate studies in complex pain syndromes, headache/migraine, neurology, clinical pilates, acute/chronic neck and back pain, dry needling and most recently FAKTR (Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehab). Damian regularly conducts training for other osteopaths and physiotherapists in Melbourne.

Outside of the clinic, Damian enjoys spending his time with his young family, training in martial arts (Aikido and Muay Thai) and Pilates.

Rick II faceRick is a health, fitness and wellness expert with a passion for helping individuals maximise athletic performance and achieve optimal health. He is a UK-trained Osteopath, graduating with distinction from the British School of Osteopathy in London. He is skilled in dry needling and is one of only a handful of Osteopaths in Australia certified in Applied Functional Science (AFS), a novel approach to exercise rehabilitation. In addition, Rick has completed training in nutrition and Functional Medicine, which he integrates into his practice to assist in the management of a chronic and degenerative disease.

Rick has an interest in treating patients with acute and chronic pain disorders and sports injuries. He also enjoys helping those suffering from stress-related problems, digestive complaints, headaches, TMJ disorder.

In his spare time, Rick enjoys traveling, cooking, exercise and learning piano. When relaxing you will find him with his nose stuck in an interesting book, or watching a good movie.

Kevin IIKevin was attracted to osteopathy because he believes that everyone has the right to engage in and enjoy the freedom of movement. He graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Science (Physiology) before graduating from RMIT with a Bachelor of Health Science and Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy) where he was selected as the student ambassador for the Osteopathy program.

He enjoys using both firm direct, and gentle indirect, techniques as well as structural and functional approaches to treating patients. He also employs dry needling when appropriate and he will prescribe corrective exercises.

Kevin has competed at a national level in swimming and has competed at both amateur and professional level at various martial arts.  With this experience, he has gained an understanding of the impact and stress that sport can have on the body’s performance as well as how to manage it.

He has also spent an extensive time treating and managing martial artists and combat sport athletes. He is not just limited to treating athletes and enjoys treating patients of all ages and walks of life for conditions such as headaches, sports injuries, lower back and spinal pain, musculoskeletal strains as well as desk related conditions.

Outside of work, Kevin enjoys practicing martial arts, fishing, tasting coffee and finding good places to eat.

Brendan FaceBrendan completed his Masters of Osteopathy in 2014 at RMIT University Melbourne. His interest in the field began during his time at high school, where he was a patient being treated for back pain. He was amazed at the disciplines ability to achieve great results, but also the fine skill set of the practitioners applying the variety of techniques employed by the field.
Being a self-described sports addict, Brendan has a keen interest in sports injuries and athletic performance but also has the ability and skill set to help all types of ailments. Outside of Osteopathy, Brendan has completed courses in dry needling to enhance his treatment repertoire.
Away from the clinical setting, you’ll find Brendan watching or playing a variety of sports from AFL, Cricket, Soccer, Ice Hockey, and American Football. He also enjoys spending time with mates in the outdoors.

Beth faceBeth graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy) with Honours, having previously completed a Bachelor of Science at Melbourne University majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She has always had a fascination with the inner workings of the body and has an enthusiasm for exercise and health so Osteopathy was a natural fit for her.

After suffering for 7 years with chronic daily headaches, Beth had had enough and wanted more for herself, and for the chronic headache and migraine patients she was seeing, than a life of constant pain. She had tried regular treatment options but nothing was working so she went in search of a different answer.

Beth then discovered the Watson Headache ® Approach to treatment which yielded wonderful results and finally gave her hope again that she could be pain free. When Beth attended the first Watson Headache ® Approach course, it gave her an eye opening new perspective and approach to treating headaches/migraines. Unlike normal forms of manual therapy, it was specifically researched and designed for headache and migraine sufferers, giving focus to treatments. With her enthusiasm and optimism renewed, Beth completed all 3 Levels and became a Watson Headache ® Certified Practitioner.

​Beth is very passionate about sharing her knowledge with other headache/migraine sufferers and helping them with their journey to find a life free from headaches and migraines. That’s why she has chosen to dedicate her career to only treating headache and migraine patients. Beth enjoys her role as Team Leader, helping to train and support the team.

When not in the clinic, Beth enjoys skiing, reading and is a 3rd Dan black belt in taekwondo.

Liam is an experienced osteopath who has a special interest in helping people with back pain headache/migraine and sports injuries. Combining a blend of effective hands-on osteopathic techniques with advanced rehabilitation tools he helps clients overcome back pain and return to the sporting field stronger than before they were injured.

Liam was a competitive athlete suffering from back and hip pain. After many failed treatment options, including surgery, he found an osteopath who helped him get out of pain and back into the sport he loved (football). Liam knew then that this would be his future career.

He has a strong belief that the best outcomes for patients are achieved when you discover what’s really causing pain or injury. “Quick fixes don’t work. Understand and treat the true cause of your pain and you will have a body that is working at its best. ”. Liam knows that the best results are obtained when he designs personalised treatment plans to help his clients achieve their goals. He has done additional studies in dry needling which he finds incredibly effective to help immediately reduce muscle pain.

Since graduating from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy) and beginning his journey as an Osteopath, Liam discovered his love for treating the complexities of Headache and Migraine conditions. Since then Liam has cracked the code on treating headache and migraine. He finds it incredibly rewarding to help people who suffer from headache and migraine because of the difference he can make in as little as 2 weeks to help them live a better life, free of headache or migraine. Outside of work Liam enjoys playing football and golf, surfing and catching up with friends.

Growing up playing sports and training in athletics, Nick always had an interest in the human body and how it functions. Over time this interest developed into a passion which led him to become an osteopath.

Nick understands that there are many aspects to optimal health and as such, he aims to help patients in as many ways as he can. To have the best outcomes for patients, Nick utilizes a wide range of osteopathic skills which involve hands-on treatment, dry needling, exercise prescription and lifestyle advice.

Through his experience, Nick knows that the presenting pain is often caused by weakness or dysfunction in other areas of the body and he enjoys the challenge of finding the primary cause of each patient’s pain. Nick acknowledges that every patient is different, so to have the best results he tailors each patient an individual treatment plan to help them achieve their goals as quickly as possible.

Following his experiences in football clubs and running circles, Nick enjoys treating football players and athletes of all varieties. He has developed a good understanding of the types of obstacles these patients face and as such, has developed effective protocols for treatment and rehabilitation in these types of patients.

Outside of the clinic, Nick enjoys keeping fit (he is currently training for the Melbourne marathon), watching his beloved Richmond Tigers and spending time with friends.

Nathan graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy) with Honours, having previously completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Human Structure and Function from The University of Melbourne. Growing up in the country Nathan is a passionate lover of all sports and has always had an interest in sporting injuries and been fascinated by how the body works. This keen interest in the human body and its function led Nathan to his career in Osteopathy.

Nathan enjoys treating a wide variety of clients, from athletes to office workers. He has vast experience treating athletes in his role as Head Trainer at West Brunswick Football club and also spent a month abroad treating various athletes in a top Sports Medicine clinic in Mumbai alongside Physiotherapists, Sports Physicians, and Orthopaedic surgeons.

He believes that movement is the key to optimal outcomes and as such he strives to empower his clients to be active in their own recovery. This may be in the form of tailored home exercise programs Nathan creates himself or assisting clients with rehabilitation through his role as a Clinical Pilates instructor at Premier. This exercise prescription together with his hands-on treatment and lifestyle advice enables Nathan to achieve excellent results for his clients.

Outside of the clinic, Nathan spends his weekends passionately supporting West Brunswick Football club (when not too busy handling injuries), attending live music and enjoying great food and drink around the city.

After growing up in rural Victoria, Katie made the move to Melbourne to pursue a career and complete her double Bachelor of Health Science and Applied Science in Osteopathy. She always knew she wanted a career in healthcare that encompassed movement, science and patient interaction; therefore, her dedication to the profession came naturally.

After working for 4 years as a sports trainer in Australian Rules Football clubs and cricket clubs, her expertise in management and rehabilitation for sporting injuries is evident. Katie is however not limited to sporting patients, as she enjoys treats a wide variety of patients from elderly patients to everyday mums to young adults.

Katie loves meeting new people and treating patients holistically, rather than a simple musculoskeletal injury. This allows Katie to form an in-depth understanding of a client’s condition, and any underlying factors which may be contributing. Unsurprisingly, Katie’s clients and colleagues would, therefore, most likely call her a great listener, and incredibly caring.

Katie also has a commitment to expanding her broad knowledge, completing further studies in myofascial needling and cupping, and advanced sports and kinesiology taping. In future, Katie plans to advance her practice in studies of Nutrition and Women’s Health.

Outside of work, Katie enjoys a healthy lifestyle, be that swimming, hiking or heading out on a bike ride. If you can’t find her in the pool or on one of Melbourne’s beautiful bike trails, Katie will be cooking up a new recipe or seeing a gig in the city.

Ben II faceBefore joining the Premier team as a Physiotherapist, Ben spent most of his early working life as a personal trainer and developed an early interest in the mechanics of the human body. He spent several years of his life in Wollongong, graduating in an Exercise Science Degree and then continued on to complete a Master of Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney. His passions include resistance training and team-based sports; basketball in particular.

Ben understands the importance of active, rehab-focused exercise and combines that with a comprehensive hands-on approach to treat a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions. Ben prides himself on his continued development in his skills and expertise in the health industry. In 2016 he treated Ahmed Kelly and helped him with his preparations for the 2016 Rio Paralympics

Zoe faceFollowing graduating from the University of the West of England with a First Class Physiotherapy BSc (hons) degree in 2008, Zoe began her physiotherapy career in the voluntary sector. She established a physiotherapy clinic at Headway Norwich, a local brain injury centre and then ventured further afield to work as a physiotherapist in a large government hospital in Surat Thani, Thailand.
On returning back to the UK, Zoe completed her junior rotations in the East of England, gaining experience across the core domains of physiotherapy in both the acute and rehabilitation setting.
Zoe relocated to London where she spent the following 3 years working as a Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist at a large London hospital. In this role, Zoe experienced treating patients with a wide variety of presentations including persistent pain, rheumatology conditions, post-operative management, spinal pain and sporting injuries. This position also included working within the specialties of Cardiac Rehabilitation, Paediatrics, and Hydrotherapy.
Australian by birth, Zoe moved back in 2015. She has since completed her postgraduate Certificate in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy at Curtin University, WA, before settling in Melbourne and joining the Premier team. Zoe has also completed additional postgraduate training in persistent pain, biomechanics and foot pain.

Zoe attributes her passion for helping those with headache and migraine to seeing her mum’s struggle as a chronic migraine sufferer whilst growing up. She understands the multidimensional impact of head pain on many different aspects of daily life and recognises that unlike resting a sprained ankle, the pain of a persistent headache and migraine, once it has kicked in, can be inescapable. Zoe has completed further postgraduate training with leading physiotherapists in the field of headache and neck pain including Gwen Jull, Michelle Stirling, Toby Hall and Dean Watson.

Zoe is a strong advocate for Pilates as she has first-hand experience of its role within returning to sport from injury. She is a certified Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute Instructor and has four years experience in teaching a wide variety of clients. She has a special interest in pre and postnatal Pilates.
Outside of work, Zoe is a keen runner, having completed several half marathons she is currently training for her first marathon. Alongside her Pilates, Zoe also regularly practices Yoga and loves exploring the great outdoors.

Katrina is a UK trained physiotherapist and graduated in 2009. After volunteering as a student with a local London-based American Football team she went on to work with the Great Britain team and travel across Europe for competitions. Katrina worked in a private practice in New Zealand with local rugby and netball teams, as well as the Wellington men’s hockey team and a variety of international athletes.

Before becoming a physiotherapist Katrina worked as a Personal Trainer in London helping athletes perform at their peak. Katrina combines her personal training and physiotherapy skills to help high level athletes and everyday people feel and perform at their best. Katrina has also worked extensively as a physiotherapist with cancer patients, both in London and at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne. She feels at home with clients from any background.

Katrina joined Premier in March 2017. She uses a variety of hands-on techniques including massage, manual therapy, and dry needling to compliment exercises, movement and lifestyle changes that optimise her client’s function and well-being. Katrina has a particular interest in treating TMD due to the debilitating impact it can have on everyday tasks such as eating and talking, two things she takes a lot of pleasure in herself! She completed the Australian Physiotherapy Association course on TMD led by renowned expert physiotherapist Guy Zito. She understands that the symptoms of TMD or any injury can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety and she endeavors to alleviate these burdens so clients feel at ease from their very first appointment.

Away from work Katrina loves exploring Australia and making Melbourne feel like home. She’s passionate about her many hobbies including aerial hoops and aerial silks and consequently spends a lot of her time hanging upside down! Otherwise, you’ll find her googling choreography or on the dance floor practicing for her latest exam in Latin and ballroom dancing.


adamAdam has over 10 years experience as a Physiotherapist in private and public sectors graduating back in 2008 from the University of Bradford in the UK with a BSC of Physiotherapy.

Adam’s passion for physiotherapy was ignited by a long string of varying injuries but mainly by his past experience of chronic back pain. Adam not only understands the frustration of this pain, but has lived it. Adam has spent the last decade refining his skills, doing extensive training to develop tailored treatment programs for back pain sufferers.

Adam has spent the last year working closely with GP’s to educate them on the importance of not just manual therapy but exercise and self management to help achieve the best possible health and pain outcomes for their patients.

Adam has a keen interest in core-stability making him an ideal and experienced practitioner for Pre and post natal clients wishing to start Clinical Pilates to aid recovery of their pelvic floor.

Adam’s philosophy is to empower his patients to be able to facilitate their own health and prevent future injury.

Colleagues and friends describe Adam as bringing light and fun to any situation and being a fantastic listener.

In his spare time Adam is an avid fitness goer combining Pilates with gym strength and conditioning training.

Liam’s passion for physiotherapy was ignited through his own rehabilitation of a long list of injuries mainly sustained while playing Rugby League and Union as a junior athlete. Liam then undertook a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons) at Charles Sturt University in Albury, NSW, with an honours research project focusing on Lower limb biomechanics and joint stability.

Liam continued his role in research working as a research assistant in the Monash University physiotherapy department, which has now led to him undertaking his PhD in lower limb tendon pain and the role of strength and motor control. He has presented his research internationally at the 2019 International Society of Biomechanics (ISB) conference in Canada, and has been involved in multiple publications regarding Achilles tendon pain.
Apart from lower limb tendon pain Liam also has a special interest in running injuries and running technique. He has completed courses covering running assessments, running technique retraining as well as strength training for running athletes. Liam has also undertaken extra training in treatment techniques such as advanced sports taping techniques, dry needling, as well as myofascial and trigger point release.

Liam is passionate about strength and conditioning, and currently manages our clinical strength program which aims to rehabilitate all types of injuries through gym based exercise to create stronger and more robust bodies and help patients achieve their goals inside and outside the gym. Liam not only manages this program but also trains all our practitioners in the delivery of it.

Colleagues and friends describe Liam as extremely patient, knowledgeable and easy going. Away from work Liam enjoys playing and watching rugby, getting in some weight training or trail running, watching live music, and adventure travel.

Nathan faceNathan completed his Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy at the Australian College of Sports Therapy in 2008 and has since worked in both suburban and rural clinics. Nathan has gained a wide range of experience working with people from all walks of life. Nathan has recently made the move back to Melbourne after working in regional Victoria for the past 8 years.

Since graduating Nathan has gone on to complete several qualifications in Pilates and Clinical Pilates, most recently completing his Breathe Certificate in Pilates in 2014. He firmly believes that movement is integral to health and subsequently complements his Myotherapy treatments with Clinical Pilates.

Nathan has a keen interest in treating headache and neck pain, TMJ dysfunction, lower back pain and sports injuries, and is highly experienced in dry needling, cupping and various manual techniques.

Nathan is a passionate Myotherapist and is dedicated to his patient’s wellbeing and is motivated by being able to help with pain relief and helping the body achieve its optimal level of function. Nathan’s approach focuses on developing a good rapport with his clients to assist them in returning to the sports and activities they enjoy.

EmilyEmelye completed her Myotherapy study at RMIT in early 2016, and has worked in various clinics in Melbourne as a Remedial Therapist and now as a Myotherapist. Throughout the course of her work and during her studies, Emelye has had the opportunity to work with individuals from all walks of life including the athletes at The Australian College of Basketball and those who access The Wellington Centre.

Emelye is qualified and has experience in many different techniques including myofascial release, cupping, myofascial dry needling, lymphatic drainage and trigger point therapy. By combining the various techniques and her knowledge of anatomy, Emelye provides tailored treatment for her clients, working with them to produce the best possible results. The correct identification, assessment, and treatment of injuries and chronic pathologies are essential to restoring normal and pain-free function to a client.

While Emelye is skilled in treating a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions ranging from acute to chronic pain disorders, she has a keen interest in the treatment and assessment of those suffering from headaches, migraines, neck conditions, neurological conditions and chronic pain disorders.

Originally from Regional Victoria, Emelye has settled in the East Brunswick area and enjoys exploring the area, spending time in the numerous parks and gardens, and enjoying live music.

DanielDaniel has been practicing manual therapy since 2005 and qualified as a Myotherapist in 2007 through Border College of Natural Therapies. He is arriving back in Melbourne after practicing in London for 2 years. He has worked closely with sports doctors, physiotherapists, and osteopaths; structuring rehabilitation programs and treating a variety of patients from professional marathon runners and footballers to the unresolved neck pain many office workers often suffer from. As a past Australian Rules football tragic, Daniel sustained many injuries requiring repeated visits to local manual therapists. In 2006 he needed a fair amount of treatment after sustaining multiple fractures in his lower back during a game. It was during this time that he truly discovered how debilitating pain can be and the importance of working with well trained, experienced and energetic practitioners in the recovery process. Along with massage based skills he is also trained in Bowen Therapy, which is a more gentle form of treatment that has provided much chronic pain suffers from long-term relief.
Daniel is very passionate about the field, the clinical benefits and working with and empowering patients. Having worked with AFL footballers and elite level runners he has a particular interest in problems that arise in the lower back, lower legs and ankles.

JohnJohn is a registered podiatrist and member of the Australian Podiatry Association.

After graduating in Melbourne, John has over 27 years experience as a practicing podiatrist. He has worked in metropolitan and rural settings in Victoria, Tasmania, and NSW, in both the public hospital and community health sectors and in private practice, as well as casual tertiary tutoring. John believes that it is important to take a holistic approach, so as to provide a treatment plan that addresses the cause of a person’s presenting problem/s. This all starts with a detailed, thorough assessment. Findings and subsequent treatment options will then be discussed. The aim is to improve foot and lower limb comfort as much as possible, rather than to merely provide just short-term palliation. Many people are very pleasantly surprised at just what can be achieved, often after years of palliative-only treatment.

Social justice is a passion also. John is a former Board member, and still an active member of, Hands on Health Australia. HOH is a voluntary organisation that aims to assist communities to improve the delivery of health and other services to marginalized people. Through HOH he has performed volunteer outreach podiatry work in Manila, remote Aboriginal communities, and closer to home, at the Sacred Heart Mission in St Kilda.

John has recently been invited to join a research team at the Victoria University Biomechanics Unit, Institute of Sports, Exercise and Active Living. The research study involves looking at pressure measurements under the sole of the foot as a predictor of diabetic ulceration.

Dr Helen Frederikson – Osteopath

Helen was drawn to Osteopathy in her 20s after struggling with headaches, neck pain and jaw pain following a whiplash injury as a teenager. Osteopathy was of such a huge benefit to her that she decided to pursue a career as one. Helen graduated from Unitec in Auckland, New Zealand in 2014 with a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Masters of Osteopathy. She chose to complete her Masters qualification in Osteopathic treatment for orofacial pain due to her own personal experience and has found this to be of great value when treating patients with similar complaints.

Helen understands the frustration of those suffering from headaches and migraines and wanted to be able to make more of a difference to improve the symptoms and overall quality of life of sufferers. After finding Melbourne Headache Solutions and learning more about the techniques used and the amazing results being obtained she knew she had found herself in the right place.

Helen has recently relocated from Auckland to Melbourne specifically for this role and is loving it here. Helen is a friendly and approachable osteopath that finds great reward in being able to help others. Helen is an avid hiker and foodie so you will often find her scaling a mountainside or testing her taste buds out in various food joints around Melbourne.

Dr Jade Friend – Osteopath

Jade has had a passion for human anatomy for as long as she can remember. She has carried this passion with her throughout her life and during the last decade practicing as an Osteopath. She has helped patients in private and public practices, including the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

During her 10 years as an Osteopath she has found many of her patients suffer with headaches and migraines, and they are provided with little relief from standard treatment. Being a headache and migraine sufferer herself, exacerbated by being a full time working mum, she was time and time again frustrated with not only her own pain but her patients persistent pain. Since then, Jade has made it her life and career goal to provide headache and migraine sufferers a long term solution to their pain and suffering.

Drawing on years of experience and extensive study, and understanding the involvement of the neck in causing headaches and migraines, Jade is no longer frustrated by patients presenting in pain but excited that she is able to help them. Jade is over the moon to have landed at Melbourne Headache Solutions with like minded practitioners where she is solely helping those who she believes need it the most.

When she is not helping her patients suffering with headache and migraine bounce back into their lives, you can find her seeing some live music, getting among nature and spending quality time with her family.

Tully Hiscock

After initially beginning a career in medicine, Tully decided to study Physiotherapy and graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours).

Tully made the change from medicine to Physiotherapy because he realised his true passion lies in not only how the body moves, repairs and functions but his desire to be a big and active part of his clients rehabilitation and entire health journey from start to finish.

Throughout the years, Tully has developed a particular interest in sports physiotherapy and has worked closely with elite sports teams such as the Victorian Touch Rugby Team and with sub-elite AFL players, including VFL.

Aside from working with athletes, Tully sees himself as a versatile Physiotherapist treating and finding all lower and upper limb injuries not only fascinating, but a new challenge to get his clients not just moving but moving better than they ever have before.

Tully is passionate about assisting people in building and maintaining strength to achieve the most they possibly can throughout their busy lives. Nothing makes Tully happier than seeing patients grow in ability and health and he aspires to be the best health coach throughout their journey as he can be.

When Tully isn’t treating clients you can find him in the outdoors. He surfs regularly, enjoys going on day hikes (or multiple days if he can fit it in), and runs regularly for fitness. He also enjoys learning new things, and is attempting to learn Spanish (pero solo habla un poco!).

Ryan’s passion for Podiatry was first ignited during his final year of high school when he
suffered an ankle injury during a rugby game.

Podiatry was a huge part of Ryan’s recovery, not just getting him back on the rugby field but
playing better than ever before! Post this he naturally gained a keen interest and fascination
in the biomechanics of the lower limb.

Ryan pursued his passion studying podiatry at the Auckland University of Technology
graduating in 2016.

One of Ryan’s favourite things about podiatry is that it allows him to see people from all walks of life and enabling him to treat and help his patients in such varying ways and circumstances. From skin and nail treatment, often offering people significant relief from just a single session to anything and everything below the hip! With a special interest in ankle and knee pain and injuries (and of course feet!). One of the most common conditions Ryan sees is heel pain, also known as plantar fasciitis!

Ryan spent his last year training under a biomechanist building on his knowledge of locomotion of the body and looking at his patients as a whole not just their foot and ankle. Allowing him to treat not just his patient’s symptoms but the underlying cause of their pain.

Ryan believes in his patients having an active and motivated roll in their recovery to help them achieve their health and well-being goals.

When Ryan’s not in the clinic you can find him in the gym or on the rugby field. Colleagues and friends describe Ryan as being easy-going but direct, loves sport and the outdoors and always willing to lend a hand no matter the problem.

Ryan is available to see in our Fitzroy North, Thornbury or Brunswick locations.

Gabrielle graduated over 4 years ago from the Federation University of Ballarat. She completed a Bachelor of Exercise Sport Science and Graduate Diploma in Clinical Exercise Physiology post her Bachelor.

Gabrielle is an expert in prescribing exercises for chronic conditions. She can prescribe exercises to aid symptoms and help manage conditions for including cardiometabolic, cardiopulmonary, musculoskeletal, neurological and everything in between!

She has always been extremely passionate about athletic performance which eventually lead to her fascination in improving people’s mental and physical well being via movement.

Seeing the obesity epidemic and rapid growth in chronic conditions Gabrielle knew she had landed where she was meant too, falling in love with helping her patients more and more every day.

Gabrielle has had extensive experience in treating an array of chronic conditions ranging from knee, shoulder and back pathologies, chronic pain/fatigue, posture dysfunctions, and spinal cord injuries.

Friends and colleagues describe Gabrielle as passionate, friendly and enthusiastic.

Nisha graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) from Monash University. Since graduating Nisha has gained a variety of musculoskeletal experiences in varying environments including both public and private practice.

Nisha has always been a people person finding joy in helping others and can’t remember a time where she wasn’t fascinated by movement making physiotherapy a natural fit for her.

Nisha incorporates a mixture of hands-on therapy and exercises prescription as she believes in her patients playing an active role in their recovery for a lasting solution to the pain or injury. Nisha aims to motivate and educate patients in order to assist them to achieve their goals whether that’s returning to everyday life or wanting to run a marathon.

Working with pre and postnatal patients in the public healthcare system Nisha found her calling within physiotherapy. Nisha has treated countless pre and postnatal patients with a variety of conditions including hip pain, low back pain, pelvic girdle pain and upper back and neck pain.

When Nisha is not in the clinic seeing patients you will find her spending time with her family, playing netball or at an F45 class. She has two very loved dogs Ollie and Simba who she enjoys taking on walks and taking to the beach!

Andy graduated from The Robert Gordon University, Scotland, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physiotherapy in 2014. He recently moved over to Australia in April this year to further his career as a physiotherapist.

His interest in physiotherapy stems from his own needs for physiotherapy in the past for knee problems that made playing basketball difficult. This is where the interest in working in a private practice also spiked and he became driven to provide the same excellent care to others that he received.

Andy’s passion for physiotherapy initially took him to working within the NHS where he worked in a variety of different settings; such as cardiology, traumatic and elective orthopaedic wards and intensive care settings. However, he always aimed to work in a private practice and he did so at a clinic in Edinburgh where he became more involved in the care and treatment of high-level athletes.

Alongside his private practice and NHS work Andy also worked with the Basketball Scotland team set-up for two and a half years. He was the lead physiotherapist for the National Basketball teams for Under 15 Boys and Girls, Under 16 Boys, the Senior Women and Senior Men and has been fortunate enough to travel to different parts of the world with the different squads.

Andy uses a number of diverse treatment in the management of his patients, such as manual therapy and exercise therapy. He also holds a Diploma in Sports masseur and regularly uses this with his clients. In conjunction with these approaches. All of the above ultimately help with providing the best possible patient outcomes.

A particularly successful outcome for a patient was during the Euro B basketball tournament in Bulgaria with the Under 16 Boys Basketball Scotland squad. A key player had landed awkwardly on his shoulder and was unable to participate in the rest of the game. Despite having a game in the next two days Andy was able to rehabilitate the players shoulder in enough time to allow him to play in all the remaining games at the tournament.

Out-with work, Andy enjoys continuing to play basketball and gets to the gym as often as he can, placing a great deal of emphasis on practicing what he preaches. If not in a gym or playing basketball, Andy enjoys exploring all that Melbourne has to offer, especially it’s many different coffee shops, eateries and pubs – adding to the substance of a stereotypical Scotsman!

In future, Andy aims to further his knowledge and treatment skills in shoulder conditions and may even delve into the research world and attempt publishing a research article or two.