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Are you worried about your child’s posture?

Children - Teens 2

Is your teenager complaining about aches and pain?

The increased use of computer games, watching television and carrying heavy schoolbags can place significant strain on your child’s body. Children and teens often suffer from the same problems as adults, such as postural issues, scoliosis, sports injuries, injuries from falls or play, back pain and neck ache, muscle and joint pain.

Children complaining of aches and pains need to have them assessed,  as an early assessment and treatment can greatly diminish the chances of minor problems persisting into adulthood. We recognise the need for highly trained practitioners to help treat common pediatric complaints and offer Osteopathy and Physiotherapy for children and teenagers.

The calm and soothing approach of Osteopathy and Physiotherapy is suitable for children of all ages and children respond very well to treatments.