Are you looking for the best osteopaths in Melbourne?

Osteopaths are university trained practitioners with a particular interest in the musculo-skeletal system  (i.e muscles, bones and joints).  They focus on diagnosing and treating pain and injury as well as helping you to optimise your health. Osteopathy in Melbourne is widely recognised as the most effective solution to neck and back pain and as such is the fastest growing medical profession in Australia.  It is suitable for people of all ages (our youngest patient is 6 months and oldest is 94) as the treatment is safe, gentle and effective.


  • We have successfully treated over 20,000 clients.  Experience counts.
  • We guarantee that you will be thrilled with our service every time or your next session is free.
  • Our osteopaths diagnose and treat the cause of your pain.
  • Osteopathic manual treatment reduces pain and improves function of the body by reducing muscle spasm/tension, and restoring joint alignment and mobility.
  • Our osteopaths ensure that we go above and beyond treating your symptoms to ensure that your problem doesn’t come back.
  • Our sports Osteopaths work with athletes to treat and prevent injury and optimise performance
  • Osteopathic philosophy respects that the body is interconnected and looks at the entire body to identify the true cause of your problem, which is especially important in longstanding cases.
  • Osteopathic treatment is extremely effective, which helps to minimise the number of treatment visits needed.
  • Our goal is to get you moving again as soon as possible and help to ensure your problem doesn’t come back.
  • You can be assured you are getting the best treatment as all our osteopaths undergo continual professional development to ensure that they keep ahead of new developments and technologies.  Our osteopaths spend over 150 hours every year updating their skills (6 times the standard) to ensure that they are able to deliver the highest level of care available.


Our Osteopaths have a particular interest in

We have both male and female osteopaths, consulting 6 days a week.


At your first visit,  a detailed history will be taken, including medical history and a full assessment of your injury/pain and all contributing factors will take place.   We will assess your posture, alignment. muscle tightness, muscle strength, nerves, and joints.  We take the time to ensure that we identify all the potential causes of your pain and will discuss with you a plan of action.  You should allow 45 to 1 hour for your initial appointment.

When necessary, we can arrange specialist investigations such as X-ray’s or M.R.I. scans quickly, and obtain necessary reports.  These investigations may assist the diagnosis, enabling a suitable treatment plan to be developed with you.

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