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Podiatry Services in Fitzroy North, Thornbury & Brunswick

With over 25 years experience and thousands of consultations undertaken our Podiatrists John Woulfe and Ryan Kenendy have the expertise to help even the most painful foot condition. There is no need to put up with painful feet anymore with a high success rate for helping relieve painful feet.

Premier Sports & Spinal Medicine provides exceptional foot, ankle and leg care. The feet are the foundation of support for the whole body. As such foot problems can have considerable impact on the rest of the body.

The human foot was originally designed to travel on soft surfaces, but unfortunately we now spend everyday day walking and standing on unnatural hard flat surface. These surfaces force our feet to roll inwards to gain ground contact and our arches to flatten: Rolling inwards of the foot or “excess pronation” is believed to affect over 50% of the population in Australia.

The podiatrist works closely with our osteopaths and physiotherapists to help you achieve optimal health and help prevent long term health problems.

Our podiatrists excels in General Podiatry, Sports Podiatry, Rehabilitation Podiatry and Elderly Care. They treat toddlers, school aged children, adolescents, pregnant women, athletes and seniors.

Any problem or pain in the feet, no matter the age of the patient, are dealt with. Here are some of the common problems that our podiatrist will also address:

Plantar fasciitis; This is a very common problem that we see in the clinic and responds very well to the right treatment. It usually presents as pain in the arch or heel particularly with the 1st few steps in the morning. It can become chronic if left untreated. Heel spurs – commonly confused with plantar fasciitis and generally doesn’t cause pain but is a symptom of foot plantar fasciitis;

Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome or “Shin splints” is a commonly used term to describe pain experienced along the inner border of the shin. The term is a very general one, and in fact involves a number of specifically different pathological conditions. Usually occur amongst active sports people participating in running and high impact activities. Our podiatrists can accurately diagnose and treat this for a speedy recovery

Patella (Knee cap) conditions: Usually presents as stiffness or pain in the knee cap upon any rest, eg sleep, sitting. Usually due to poor biomechanics or muscle imbalances.

ITB syndrome: Pain in the outside of the knee. The ITB is a large band that runs down the outside of the leg from the hip and joins below the knee joint. Tightness due to over activity or poor biomechanics can be the cause of this problem

ITB syndrome: as above but pain will normally be higher up the band around the hip.

Inflammation or degeneration caused by excessive stretching of the plantar fascia. This is the most common condition we see and responds well to proper treatment. If left untreated it can get worse especially in the summer months when we wear less supportive footwear.

Three major contributing reasons for the development of these: footwear, biomechanics, genetics. Usually requires a more in depth look at how the foot is functioning to ascertain which treatment will be best suited.

Surgery done onsite

Damaged nails: Through trauma, fungal infections

Hammer toes: Toes that curl downward into a claw-like position

Calluses and corns: Thickened skin from friction or pressure

Plantar warts: warts on the soles of your feet

Treatments offered by our podiatrist include:

Injuries, acute or chronic, can easily develop from poor biomechanics of the foot. Biomechanics is a broad area within Podiatry, which involves a detailed evaluation and analysis of how the joints of the limb and foot function in relation to each other. This requires much training and clinical experience to best understand human movement and to establish the primary cause of new or recurrent injuries.

Sport specific exercise and general walking biomechanics of the foot are analysed. This information is used to either improve sporting performance and/or to address mechanical abnormalities by means of mechanical control, such as orthotics.

Further testing will investigate joint range of motion, muscle testing, and the ability of the patient to discriminate between good and bad foot posture and function in normal gait and specific movement.

Variation between people’s foot type, shape, posture, health and injuries makes it imperative for footwear to correlate with your particular foot, life style and sporting needs.

Our podiatrists will provide you with specific recommendations which are assured to improve your performance and comfort.

Specialised insoles which are worn in shoes to control foot function during weight-bearing, thus helping to prevent injury. Thorough assessment of your biomechanics with reference to your daily activities will allow our podiatrists to advise you of the best method of managing your feet and lower limb biomechanics.

Materials normally applied to the foot or existing insoles in the shoes to help correct any abnormalities.