Pancia con scarpette rosa

Care for mums-in-waiting and new mums

Many women find osteopathic, physiotherapy and myotherapy treatment very helpful throughout their pregnancy for pain reduction and preparation for labour. Throughout pregnancy the body undergoes tremendous changes to accommodate the growing fetus and preparing it for delivery. The posture changes as the center of gravity shifts forwards and the supporting ligaments soften. These factors add stress to the body, causing problems like back pain, sciatica, insomnia, shortness of breath, swelling, high blood pressure and fatigue. Osteopaths and Physiotherapists can offer advice about managing the symptoms and demonstrate self-help techniques which can be used during pregnancy and labour. Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, and Myotherapy are very effective in relieving the strain that builds up during the changes that occur during pregnancy.

During birth, the descent of the baby through the pelvis is influenced by a range of factors. If the mother’s pelvis is twisted or stiff, it can interfere with the baby’s passage through the birth canal. Osteopathic care will restore and maintain normal pelvic alignment and mobility, and contribute to a successful birth and healthy baby.

After birth, it is advisable for you to return with your newborn to help prevent or manage problems like pelvic and lower back strain, pelvic floor weakness, incontinence, interrupted sleep and fatigue. It is now recommended for women to have a 6 week check-up post partum with their doctor and also with a women’s health physiotherapist. This will help you meet your baby’s needs, whilst caring for your own.

We have practitioners in all our clinics who have a particular interest in pregnancy care, and can also help after the birth with your recovery.

Pre- and Post Natal Pilates

Clinical PilaBeautiful young pregnant lady doing pilates in her last week before delivery.tes is an excellent way for women to maintain the health and well-being during during and after pregnancy in a safe and effective way. Mums-in-waiting and new mums can safely participate in any of our 100 weekly Clinical Pilates classes but  we also deliver pre- and post-natal classes. See more about Clinical Pilates.

To get simple relief from tired and aching muscles, our Myotherapists are able to help you during all stages of your pregnancy and following birth. We have special pregnancy pillows that allow you to rest comfortably on your stomach during all treatments.

Post-natal checkups can help you recover from pregnancy and help prevent long-term problems in the neck, back and hips.