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Running is one of the simplest forms of exercise that we can do that brings with it many health benefits.

Its free and you can do it just about anywhere, with little preparation.

But it is repetitive.  The same movement is repeated every step which means that if there are inefficiencies in your technique, they are multiplied significantly -potentially causing repetitive strain injury, early-onset fatigue, and simply slowing you down.

Recreational runners have a high incidence of injury that often becomes persistent and can really affect your enjoyment of running.  But some tailored advice by a running physio on correct technique can both prevent and cure many running-related injuries and improve performance.

The running injury clinic is for recreational and competitive athletes who

  • Are suffering from running-related injuries (back or hip pain, knee pain, calf pain, Achilles tendonitis, heel pain)
  • want to improve their running times/ distance
  • want to prevent injuries ( both short-term and future wear & tear)
  • want to run pain-free well into the future

A running assessment can help you:

  • Regain lost power
  • Run faster and longer
  • Resolve and prevent injuries
  • Improve running efficiency and maximise performance
  • Help to prevent long-term damage from incorrect technique
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What’s involved in a Running & Biomechanical Assessment?

A running assessment begins exactly the same as a normal physiotherapy consult. We start with a thorough assessment (taking a medical history, exercise history, running experience, and history of injury).

Your running physio will take the time to understand your goals ( whether you just want to run to keep fit and healthy or run a marathon).

We will then go through a movement assessment to identify the causes of your injury and what’s holding you back from your potential, such as muscle imbalances and weaknesses, joint misalignment, faulty movement patterns, and/or tight muscles.

Then it’s treadmill time!

We will get you running at a pace that you would usually run at for the desired distance. You will run for between 5-10 mins, which involves some hi-tech slo-mo filming and measuring.

Often we can pinpoint running technique issues quickly and correct them on the spot, resulting in immediate improvements in running efficiency and less force going through the body with each step.

Your physio will discuss the results and in conjunction with you, tailor a game plan to help you run pain-free and maximise your performance.

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Your initial assessment includes a thorough evaluation of your running history, injury history, physical assessment, discussion of your training goals, and an individualised plan for your complete recovery.