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Inner North Osteopathy – serving our Fitzroy North, Brunswick and Thornbury communities

What is Osteopathy?

Our Osteopaths will help you feel your best using hand-on techniques like manual stretches, joint mobilization and massage in combination with an exercise regime that might include Clinical Pilates. 

Have you got muscles that spasm? Or are you living with ongoing pain? Find relief with an Osteo appointment at one of our three conveniently located clinics in Fitzroy North, Brunswick and Thornbury.

Do I need to see an Osteo or a Physio?

We’re often asked what are the benefits of Physio vs Osteo? Physiotherapy and Osteopathy each have their own unique features and we’re proud to provide both options to our Fitzroy North, Brunswick and Thornbury communities to support your wellness goals. 

All our Physios and Osteos provide our clients with strength and conditioning support to help them with injury relief and overall wellbeing. But let’s focus on our Osteopaths; they have all done five years of university education and take a whole body approach to treating your conditions, ensuring you can function at your best. 

One of the key differences between Osteopathy and Physiotherapy is that Physios often treat an injury by focusing on the specific area, whereas Osteopathy takes a more holistic approach to recovery. Neither approach is better, and both will ensure that you are back to your best in no time.  

What does an Osteopathy appointment help with?

Osteos can help with a variety of ailments from ongoing or recent sports injuries, to headaches caused by back or neck pain. They’ll treat sports specific issues like Tennis or Golfers elbow – so if you’re a Brunswick West or Brunswick East local who loves to play golf or tennis in Royal Park we’re your go-to for injury recovery. 

Like Physiotherapy, Osteopathy can help pre-and-post partum and provide guidance and exercises to ensure you avoid lower pack and pelvic issues or to help you re-gain your strength postpartum.

Looking to make an appointment or book a class?

We are here to help! Please call and speak to one of our practitioners if you have any questions. Making an appointment & booking classes online is also one of the most convenient way to lock in the practitioner, location & time you want.