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Inner North Physiotherapy- serving our Fitzroy North, Brunswick and Thornbury communities

Our talented team of physiotherapists are here to help our thriving, active inner north communities of Fitzroy North, Brunswick and Thornbury and everywhere in between.  

What does Physiotherapy help with?

We focus on treating sports injuries and helping with post-surgical rehabilitations. Our clients rely on us to alleviate their neck and back issues through massage, exercise and advice. Our Physios  offer injury rehabilitation support, often for those who are recovering post-surgery, as well as general strength and conditioning for our clients. 

Are you planning for or have you just had a baby? Our team love supporting the women of Fitzroy, Brunswick and Thornbury with their pre-and-post natal journey and with other women-specific health conditions. We’ll help you with your post-birth recovery, develop a plan to help you build back your strength and return to your pre-baby best. 

Our practitioners are highly trained to accurately assess, diagnose and treat a wide variety of muscle and joint conditions. While you don’t need a referral to come and see us we are connected to and regularly work with local GPs and surgeons in the local Fitzroy, Brunswick and Thornbury area.

What can I expect during a Physio appointment?

During an appointment at any of our Fitzroy North, Brunswick and Thornbury clinics, we work closely with our patients to understand their health goals and history, if they are dealing with an ongoing condition or a once-off injury. 

We take the time to gather all of the information we need to put together a targeted treatment plan specific to you, our client. We also consider your lifestyle and family when formulating a Physiotherapy treatment plan. 

After the initial consultation, you will leave with a treatment plan that is achievable, specific to you and your needs and includes advice on how you could self-manage your condition. You’ll have an understanding of your recovery time-frame, and perhaps an at home physio exercise plan to support your rehabilitation and exercise goals.

Looking to make an appointment or book a class?

We are here to help! Please call and speak to one of our practitioners if you have any questions. Making an appointment & booking classes online is also one of the most convenient way to lock in the practitioner, location & time you want.