Would you like to run faster, longer and avoid injury?

Running is one of the simplest forms of exercise that we can do that brings with it many health benefits. Its free and you can do it just about anywhere, with little preparation – hence its popularity.  But it is repetitive.  The same movement is repeated every step which means that if there are inefficiencies in your technique, they are multiplied significantly -potentially causing repetitive strain injury, early-onset fatigue, and simply slowing you down.



A running assessment can help you

  • regain lost power
  • run faster and longer
  • the resolve and prevent injuries
  • improve running efficiency and maximise performance

Whats involved in a Running & Biomechanical Assessment?

By combining video and treadmill analysis we can analyse your particular body movements and identify the effective and ineffective techniques associated with your running and potential causes of injury. The assessment is done from the front, rear, and sides. Following the assessment, strategies are given to improve running performance including running technique modifications and remedial exercise program if required. This is combined with a biomechanical assessment with one of our Sports Physiotherapist or Sports Osteopath.

Assessments are conducted at our Fitzroy North and Brunswick clinic