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Suffering from neck and shoulder pain at work? Here are top 5 secrets to staying productive at work!

Do you spend hours of the day slouched and in pain?

Do you want to know the secret to having a happy and healthy body while at work?

If you answered YES to any of these then read on!

A staggering percent of office workers are suffering from stubborn neck and shoulder pain that just won’t go away! Fortunately, there are simple changes you can make to your work set-up and daily routine that will make a world of difference.

Here are our top 5 secrets to help you feel at your best while staying productive at work!

1. Set an alarm for every 45 min to remind you to get up, stretch and reposition yourself at the desk. Our bodies are made to move. The longer we sit, the more our bodies complain. Try to find a few ways to switch up what you’re doing between sitting and moving, this could be as simple as walking to get a drink, walking to a coworkers desk instead of sending an email, or standing up for a stretch. The movement will increase blood flow and help you feel more comfortable whilst also stopping you from sitting in poor postural positions for long periods of time.

2. Take walking meetings and phone calls. This will allow you to spend more time moving rather than sitting! Movement is medicine- the body will be feeling freer and less stiff throughout the day which in turn will reduce the aches and pain you feel. The most common area people feel stiff and sore is the lower back, neck, shoulders and wrists if they are sitting at their desk all day. Looking for ways you can alternate your posture while still working can be incredibly beneficial. If you need to have a meeting with a work colleague and you don’t need to stare at the computer, you can always go for a walk together to discuss or even conduct a stand-up meeting.

3. Practice smart computer habits. While this seems like an obvious tip, very few implements these habits. Simple things like using a sit/stand desk will help minimise the time spent being sedentary. Another great way to help minimise aches and pains is by positioning your computer screen and keyboard in an optimal position for you so that you are not sitting slouched the whole day. Sit and stand desks are incredibly affordable these days, often costing only a few hundred dollars. You can investigate converting your existing desk into a desk that allows you to alternate between sitting and standing. Implementing a more dynamic desk setup can provide tremendous benefits for your body and energy levels throughout the day.

4. Hold your mouse correctly. To prevent wrist pain, make sure that your mouse is flat on the desk and the wrist is not bent- this will take the pressure of the wrist joint and nerves, allowing you to have a happy and mobile wrist. People often leave their hand perched on the mouse even when it is not being used- bring your hand back towards your body or onto the keyboard when you’re not using the mouse. Ensure the mouse is not too far away from your body as this puts more strain on the nerves and tendons throughout the upper limb. There are a few alternatives to the traditional mouse shape which are more ergonomic. While they do take some getting used to, it may be something to consider if you suffer from RSI (repetitive strain injury) of the wrist.

5. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water! Try replacing your second cup of coffee with a glass of water. You will be surprised at how good you will start to feel. Dehydration often leads to tiredness and brain fog which affects our productivity. Give it a go and see how amazing you start to feel!

These tips are a great start to managing the neck and back pain that you may be experiencing as a desk worker. It will take a couple of weeks of consistent care to see improvements however if you’re keen to get the ball rolling a little quicker, or you are seeking more personalized management you can book an appointment to see me for a clinical appointment here.

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